Integrated pallet edge corner protector applicator with side welding vertical type strapping system

Packing system composition
1. Movable pallet top angle corner applicator;
2. Side welding Vertical type strapping machine;
3. Two set paper corner magazines, can choose a spare magazine.

This system can be used with PET or PP strapping, and the core head can also be selected in both high and low tension force; there is a certain minimum requirement for pallet height, but it is especially cost-effective and ideal for automated packaging lines with lighter loads such the household goods and 3C industries.

Do you want to minimize product loss during the transport or storage of your products? Do you want to find a safe and reliable solution for your secondary packaging line? Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the applicator system, as well as recommendations on the palletizing and wrapping combined with strapping systems and edge protectors.