Integrated pallet edge corner protectors with top load strapping packing solution

Packing system composition
1. single combination pallet top angle corner applicator;
2. Top welding big force pallet strapping machine;
3. Two set paper corner magazines.

This solution has a separated design with servo-controlled movements on both sides angle paper corner protectors for simpler construction and higher strapping efficiency; in addition, the top-down strapping machine allows strapping of lower pallets, up to 200 mm. As well as has a greater strapping force of up to 5000N.

Do you want to minimize product loss during the transport or storage of your products? Do you want to find a safe and reliable solution for your secondary packaging line? Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the applicator system, as well as recommendations on the palletizing and wrapping combined with strapping systems and edge protectors.