Online turntable pallet wrapper combined with edge corner applicator packing system

Packaging System Components
1. one to four units of pallet vertical paper corner protectors, based on different packing speeds to choose;
2. Online turntable type pallet wrapping machine;
3. Each applicator equips 2 paper corner magazines. can choose more spare magazines.

This system uses an in-line stretch film wrapping machine matched with a cardboard angle corner protection mechanism to protect the vertical direction of the pallet; in order to reduce the transport process of the product breakage rate, strictly controlled the claim cost, and ensure that each product is intact; Adopt the corner protection combine with stretch film bundle, can effectively increase the side strength and can effectively prevent moisture so that the product has a longer storage period, as well as long-distance transport.

Do you want to minimize product loss during the transport or storage of your products? Do you want to find a safe and reliable solution for your secondary packaging line? Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the applicator system, as well as recommendations on the palletizing and wrapping combined with strapping systems and edge protectors.