Now, the Internet of Things technology continues to deepen, bar code labels as an easy to identify information carrier, has been widely used in various industries at home and abroad product logistics management, in order to improve efficiency and corporate image or multi-species mixed material production packaging line applications, more and more use of robot instead of manual or traditional mechanical labeling operations.
Hennopack has developed a fully automated robotic label applicator(system) for applying self-adhesive labels that can be used in a variety of industrial environments. Adaptable to existing workflows and production lines and is the ideal solution for many labeling requirements.
The robotic label applicator is designed to mount of different types of label – quickly and accurately.
The robot label applicator can be included as part of a palletizing solution from Hennopack.
After the palletizing of bags or boxes, the applicator will apply labels on these, no matter how many layers there is on the pallet, as this is measured by the robot prior to application.

Technical features

Wide application: robot labe system can be used for labeling operation of products in various industries, such as cartons, drums, load trays, films, etc.
Fast and efficient: short cycle time and high efficiency of labeling operation, suitable for fast-paced production line.
Precise and reliable: it can be pasted precisely at the designated position every time and ensure that the label is firmly pasted and not easy to fall off
Mixed production: real-time transmission of information with the customer’s upper computer, which can adapt to mixed line production.
Economic and environmental protection: low labeling cost, no residue on the product after being applied and torn off, and no pollution to the operating environment.
Flexibility and high reliability: The use of industrial six-axis robots with the highest protection level ensures flexibility and high reliability with low maintenance.
Infinite variety of program expansion to adapt to the user’s increasing production variety labeling and labeling without being limited by angle or position limitations.

Technical Performance

Labeling Location : Anywhere on the product surface, or inside the product (optional)
Label size : Size optional, from 20mm~A3 size label
Error-proof verification : Ready to stick and sweep, handheld verification system (optional)
Label style: Customizable, such as triple in one type
Labeling cycle: 10s-20s (, depending on the specific application)
Label content : ASCII, 1D, 2D, RFID, etc.
Communication interface: TCP/IP, DP, I/O or others
Label material: paper or other materials, repeatedly pasted and no residual adhesive
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More functions can be attached to the robot, such as, carton robot erectingand bottom sealing, caplacing cardboards on pallets, carton stacking cardboard, capturing barcode information, etc.