Hennopack has been specializing in end-of-line automated packaging turnkey solutions, including the below work stations processes: carton forming, product shrink wrap, carton packer, carton sealing, pallet palletizing, and stretch wrapping, pallet strapping, edge corner applicator, labeling, and scanning, etc. We have designed and manufactured dozens of different types of pallet handling equipment for different project requirements, such as pallet dispensers, high-speed pallet depalletizers, pallet top foil covers, slip dispensers, and pallet inverters, pallet elevators, pallet electric lift conveyors, 360° turntables, etc.
Hennopack pallet handling equipment increases productivity, efficiency, safety, and profitability and can also be combined with robotic palletiser systems and pallet stretch wrapper systems to provide a complete fully automated secondary pallet packaging system.

360° Chain conveyor turntable

With the chain conveyor mode, the rotation angle can be achieved at any angle between 0 and 270°; usually used with multiple palletising lines, or for pallet handling in logistics warehouses. To ensure the same direct from front to back.

360° Roller conveyor turntable

Roller conveyors are used where it is necessary to ensure that the pallets are conveyed in a consistent manner from front to back; often used in multiple palletising lines or for pallet handling in logistics warehouses.

Multiple-size pallet dispenser

This pallet magazine can be used for a number of different pallet sizes; the user only needs to adjust a few positions at a time to achieve this; ideal for use with palletizing lines for export to different countries. 

Fully Automatic TANDEM Pallet Dispenser/Accumulator

This Model is designed for use with tandem pallet picking machines, and a counterbalanced forklift for loading. It contains a single stack of 30 pallets, and the bottom pallet of the stack is ejected forwards on the runway. The runway holds 2 pallets, but the operator can choose to take 1 or 2 pallets away at a time.

In-line pallet dispenser/destacker

This type of pallet dispenser is usually equipped with a conveyor line at the bottom, with roller or chain conveyors depending on the structure of the pallet; it is usually used in conjunction with a palletising system or a pallet cleaning system as an automatic packing line. Of course, for the pallet magazine shape accept customized, also pallets stack number and the outfeed direction can vary. 

Pallet Electric Lift Conveyor 

The pallet lifter’s main use of pallet lifts is to automatically feed in/out empty or filled pallets from the floor to a different height position a roller conveyor(or vice versa) when you didn’t have any power forklift. So when you want to move a pallet from the floor to a device (or vice versa), you’ll need to overcome the height difference. and pallet lifter is design deal for this situation.

Heavy chain conveyor

Pallet Chain conveyor

For conveying pallets or products, mainly used in projects with overweight, or products that need to be conveyed smoothly or shaped pallets or multiple pallets conveyor; load capacity up to 4 tons, frequency conversion for speed control.

Pallet roller conveyor

The roller conveyor line is by far the most used construction method, mainly due to its easy maintenance and high-cost performance, but also suitable for most types of pallet conveyance; load capacity up to 3 tons with inverter adjust speed.

pallet center conveyor

Pallet Electric center conveyor

The main purpose of this type of conveyor line is to center pallets that are off-center during transport so that they can work more neatly at the next station; for example, at the strapping station, to reduce the skew of the straps and ensure results.

heavy belt conveyor

Pallet heavy belt conveyor

The pallet belt conveyor line with heavy-duty construction is mainly used the enable end or side loading transfer and conveying of irregular, imperfect, or paper pallets; it is a better solution than chains or rollers for the transfer of products with small gaps or uneven forces. Especially in the paper, corrugated, furniture, and other cardboard industries.

Hydraulic Lifter integrated Slat Chain Conveyor

Hydraulic lifter integrated Slat Chain Conveyor, with easily accessible internal power units, heavy-duty cylinders, hand or foot controls, heavy-duty tubular frames, and lifetime lubricated bearings to ensure a long service life with no maintenance. With lifting capacities of 2,000 –4,000 kg this system.

Hydraulic Lifter integrated heavy belt conveyor

Hydraulic Tandem Lift Table integrated with Equipped with a built-in belt conveyor, a maximum lifting height of 1000 mm, and, in the lowest position, an overall height of 280 mm. Suitable for non-palletized products or cardboard pallets with manual forklift applications.Very small gaps for smooth transfer of small products.

Pallet transfer guide car

These pallet transfer cars run on steel rails and transport pallets on the tracks. The conveyor line will be integrated with the trolley; pallets can be received from different discharge or receiving ports and then moved over long distances without the need for excessive additional conveyor lines.

Manual Pallet cycler/Magazine

The pallet stacker stocks and distributes empty pallets by means of a handling forklift or a lifting trolley. It improves the operator’s working conditions and increases productivity whilst guaranteeing total safety. This pallet magazine avoids deterioration of the pallets and lengthens their life span.

pallet inverter

Pallet Inverter

Pallet stack inverter, mainly for the automatic replacement of pallets of different materials or sizes; reduces labor intensity; generally used in the logistics warehouse industry, combined with pallet dispenser as an automatic pallet exchange system, with optional roller conveyor version.max load up to 3000kg.

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