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HENNOPACK has been pursuing how our customers’ products can be safely delivered to the users and left intact; in particular, the entire pallet of products transport protection, we not only use stretch film wrap protection but also PET/PP nylon belt for strapping, to bundle the goods and pallet together; whether forklift handling or car transport, will be better protected from falling products; there is also automated pallet strapping equipment, which can make the cost of packaging supplies lower.

Pallet Light force vertical type strapping machine

This light tension force vertical strapping machine, with side welded strapping, is adjustable from 5kg to 75kg; suitable for light industrial use, such as electronics, home appliances, mobile phone manufacturing, etc.; straps loads and pallets together.

Pallet Light force horizontal type strapping machine

This horizontal strapping machine is primarily designed to strap goods horizontally, ensuring that each layer of the product becomes a single unit, with adjustable tensions between 5 and 75 kg; also suitable for light-duty pallet packing applications only.

Pallet Big force vertical type strapping machine

A new generation of vertical strapping machines with a higher tensioning force movement of up to 5800N; specially designed for the heavy-duty industry,such as bricks, steel, etc. the entire movement is modular and integrated for easier maintenance.

View MS-02V Big force pallet Vertical type strapper Working process

Movable Pallet Side Seal Strapping Machine

The movable strapping machine is mainly designed for users who have little space or wish to adjust the strapping position.It uses a servo module for the displacement of the whole machine, which allows precise positioning of the bundle according to the needs of different recipes.

View MS-02M Moveable pallet vertical type strapper Working process

Top Load vertical type strapping machine

This model equips a top welded heart which up and down to lift the strapping from top to bottom in the vertical direction; it can be as low as 200mm for the height of the goods; at the same time, for the strapping of pallets with many sizes of loads, it will not cause the nylon straps to float and twist; 

View MS-02T Top load pallet vertical type strapper Working process

Are you satisfied with your current load pallet transport packaging? Is there still product damage? The pallet nylon PET/PP belt strapping solution from Hennopack is one of the comprehensive automation solutions that can be combined with cardboard edge corner applicator to further improve the safety of your logistics packaging; products can be linked precisely and securely to the pallet.

Contact us for a complete automated packaging solution for the safe transport of loaded pallets packaging, so that your space and losses can be better controlled.

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