The automatic pallet vertical type strapping machine, MS-02V equipped with a strapping head able to use both polypropylene and polyester strapping bands, is the ideal solution to strap products of any kind and size. The top quality materials, like the recirculating ball guide and pressing deck stability, guarantee maximum efficiency and strength.

MS-02V Vertical Type Strapping With Movable Track


Side seal strapping system with indexing head & movable strap track. 
Designed to strap & secure on pallet load with either polypropylene or polyester.
Provide pallet load good protection during transport.
Suitable for empty bottles & cans, food & beverage & logistics.


*For PP & PET strap
*Commercial PLC control
*Index sealing head 250 or 400 mm stroke
*Auto detect for strap failure, short feeding & empty strap band

*Top press platen
*HMI touch panel
*Variety of conveyors
*Dispenser adopts electromagnetic brake system

Vertical Type Strapper Working Flow

Model MS-02V
Arch Size (W x H) 1800 x 1850 (Customize)
Cycle Time 25 sec. / strap
Max. Tension (kgs) 75
Strap Width (mm) 9,12,15.5,19 (Specified)
Sealing Method Heating element
Sealing Position Side
Reel I.D. (mm) 203 or 406 (Specified)
Min. Conveyor Height (mm) 350
Power Supply 220/230/380/415/440V,50/60Hz, 3PH
Power Consumption (kw) 1.5
Compressed Air 5 ~ 6 bars for top press platen
Layout dimension
(L x W x Hmm)
4937 x 870 x 2725(Customize)

 Pallet PP & PET Vertical Type Strapping Machine

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