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Provide customers with a full range of stretch film packaging machines, mainly including Semi-auto stretch wrapper,weighing stretch wrap,M typr pallet wrap,turntable stretch wrapper,rotary arm stretch wrapper,reel wrapper,pallet dispenser,top sheet dispenser,robot worker,orbital wrapper and so on.Also to comply with the request of different clients’ ,we could design and make different pallet stretch wrap.

Online Pallet Stretch Film Wrapper

rotary arm pallet wrapper with top foil wrapper

Pallet five-size wrapping solution(MR402T)

This is an integrated five-sided wrapping solution that combines a rotary arm wrapper MR402 with a top foil cover MT107 to provide moisture and rain protection, with an efficiency of up to 25 pallets per hour, making it particularly suitable for applications in the ultra-high, easy-deformable and ultra-lightweight product industries.

Pallet five-size wrapping solution(MS303T)

This solution also has five-sided film cover features for pallets, integrating the turntable in-line MS303 with the stretch type top sheet dispenser MT107 to provide moisture and rain protection with an efficiency of up to 25 pallets per hour; because of turntable centrifugal forces, it is better for extra heavy, extra short pallet applications.

rotary arm pallet wrapper

Online Pallet Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper(MR402)

This machine online Stretch Wrapping concept keeps the load to be wrapped stationary while the stretch film carriage rotates around the load to apply the stretch film. This is better for extremely heavy or tall or very Light or unstable Pallet Loads packaging; It is easy for workshop environments to wash down.

online turntable stretch wrapper

Online Heavy Pallet Turntable Stretch Wrapper(MS303H)

MS303H is a competitively-priced extra heavy-duty ring-gear-driven conveyorized turntable stretch wrapping system. Turntable stretch wrappers are ideal for wrapping stable loads of under 2000kg. They are typically less expensive than rotary arm models and have a smaller footprint – a definite asset when space is at a premium.

Online Light Pallet Turntable Stretch Wrapper(MS303L)

MS303L is a competitively-priced extra light-duty chain-bear-driven conveyorized turntable stretch wrapping system. Turntable pallet wrappers are ideal for wrapping stable loads of under 800kg. They are typically applied for empty bottles, tissue, diapers, etc light product palletizing and strapping solutions. of course, the top press function will also equip to protect product safety.

Explosion-proof type pallet wrapper

Online Explosion-proof type Pallet Rotary Stretch Wrapper(MR402EX)

The MR402EX is an in-line stretch wrapping machine with explosion-proof safety features. It is mainly used in secondary packaging environments in some flammable and explosive industries, such as dust industry, chemicals paint industry, etc.; production safety is achieved through explosion-proof protection of electrical components.

Online Cold Stretch Hood Machine(MC402)

The cold stretch hood film machine adopts stretch sleeve film as the packing material, it has high tensile strength and tears strength, so it can wrap the object into a hole, preventing it from falling off during transportation. High safety, good transparency to Identify the product information inside the packaging film, such as QR code scanning and pallet product label reading, etc.

MT107 In-Cycle(stretch type) Top Sheet Dispenser

In-Cycle(stretch type) Top Sheet Dispenser(MT107S)

The top sheet dispenser completely covers the pallet with a layer of plastic, depending on the product’s need for rain and dust protection of the pallets’ top position; this stretch-type top foil wrapper is mainly integrated with the in-line turntable wrapper or rotary arm wrapper, enables 5 sides to be covered with film protection in one position.


Pass Type In-line Top Sheet Dispenser(MP107P)

For this type of pallet top foil wrapper model can be placed in line with pallet conveyors or before the stretch wrapper. It is independent equipment to cover the load pallet top before getting the stretch film wrapping process, the load is protected against dust or rain. Combining with pallet wrapper as a wrapping system will be more high packing speed.

Semi-Auto pallet stretch wrapper

Remote control Pallet wrapper with Vertical pallet strapper

MS207CR Remote control Pallet wrapper & Top Sheet Dispenser

Automatic Rotary Arm Pallet Wrap

MS203 Reel Wrapper

MR-1  Robot Wrapper

MS203H Heavy duty roll wrapper

MS206P-Semi-auto Stretch Wrapper With Top Plate

MS206W Weighing Stretch Wrapper


Orbital Wrapper

MS202 Auto Orbital Wrapper

MA208 Tape Wrapper

Woven bag orbital wrapper

 Pallet Handling

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