In some special industries, such as titanium dioxide, carbon black, food additives, bentonite, chemical additives and other chemical industries, the density of material dust in the production rate is relatively large, and it is easy to cause an explosion while open flames. Therefore, all equipment related to electricity-driven must with Anti-explosion protection is required. The explosion-proof rotary arm stretch wrapper machine is designed for packaging in these industries and is an indispensable tray packaging tool for the dust industry.

Technical features

Production (according to load): up to 45 pallets/hour.
Rotary arm with soft start, indexed stop and variable speed.
Pneumatic clamp to hold film before the wrapping cycle.
Automatic film cutting arm.
Automatic film applies.
Pvc anti-static sweping film, or Teflon heat bonding
Powered film carriage.
Pre-stretch motor 250% or 300%.
Load height detection by the photocell.
Controlled by Siemens PLC.
Siemens touch screen.
Electric power: based on the country of destination.
Installed power: 2.2 kW.
Air pressure: 6 bar.
Electrical explosion-proof grade: IIBT4 2 area explosion-proof
Protection level: not less than IP55
Instrument protection level: no less than IP65
All electrical components are certified for explosion protection

Strong corrosive environment anti-corrosion paint spraying
Complete machine explosion certificate provided

Machine Parameter

1. Product specifications: L1200 * W1200* H600-1800mm Max (customized)
2. Conveying table height: 550mm±50mm
3. Effective packaging height: 1800mm(customized)
4. Cargo weight: 2000kg Max(customized)
5. Packaging efficiency: 30-40 pallets/hour
6. conveying method: roller conveying
7. Machine color: RAL7035.
8. Turntable rotation speed: 3-15 rev / min (speed adjustable)
9. Membrane type: pre-stretched film frame, stretching ratio of 250%, adjustable film tension
10. Fully automatic filming, film breaking, aponeurosis mechanism
11. Stretch film: ∮250mm width 500mm, inner core ∮76mm;
12. Film breaking method: cutter
13. Gas source: 0.4-0.6Mpa
14. Power: 3-phase 5-wire AC 380V/50Hz

1.Top sheet dispenser MT107.
2.Powered top platen.
3.Stainless steel 304.310 roller.
4.Motorized chain conveyor.

Explosion-proof rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper machine field application case

Well, the above is the relevant parameter display of the explosion-proof online rotary pallet wrap machine. If there is still a place that does not understand, it does not matter, the solution is as follows:

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