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Fully Auto Turntable Stretch Wrapper is conveyorized machines for automated unmanned packing lines. Controlled by the same control system. pallets can be automatically wrapped to be protected against dust moisture, and achieve perfect exterior.MS303L Light type Turntable pallet wrap is a stretch film equipment for empty cans, empty bottles and lightweight products.

Item Parameters
Turntable Diameter2000mm,accept customized design
Pallet sizeL(800-1200)mm,W(800-1200)mm,accept customized design
Wrapping Height1800mm,accept customized design
Loading Weight1000kg,,accept customized design
Packing Speed20-45 pallets per hour
Turntable Speed0-15rpm,speed varibale, turntable soft start&soft stop
Turntable Height500±50mm
Carriage Speed0-3m/min
Control SystemPLC program logic control
Air Press0.4~0.7 Mpa
Cut Methodheater
Control SystemPLC program logic control+Touch Screen
Working ModeFully Auto unmanual
Machine Weight850kg

MS303L Light Type Turntable Stretch Wrapper Packing

1.MS303 Fully auto turntable stretch wrapper is conveyorized machines for automated unmanned packing lines;

2.Controlled by same control system,pallets can be automatically wrapped and covered on the top simultaneously to be protected against dust&moisture,and achieve perfect exterior looking;

3.widely used to enhance work efficiency,reduce labor cost and raise packing grades,in industries such as Plastic bottles, glass bottles, empty cans and other light products;

4.Accept wrapping machine custom design,such as color、 configuration、 performance、 appearance、 material、wrapping height、loading weight、control system、pallet size and so on.

Our Advantages

1.Automatic  stretch film apply&cut,pneumatically driven,remote control device fitted;

2.MT107 top sheet dispenser could be ordered independently to go with present wrapper.

3.Automatic  stretch film apply&cut,pneumatically driven,remote control device fitted;

4.Film carriage with safety door, open the door namely stop, safe in operation and protection in place;

5.Automatic stretch film apply & cut,pneumatically driven, unmanned packaging process,lean cost;

6.Equipment adopting rotary supporting structure is designed, bearing weighing, smooth running, low noise, durable,  low failure rate, suitable for various environment;

7.Tail membrane using PU anti-static rubber touch, perfect the tail membrane adhesion in the product appearance, beautiful, atmosphere, avoid the product flow process, membrane tail was hung, produce safe hidden trouble;

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