MT107S stretch type In-cycle top Sheet Dispenser is one top foil covering equipment create with your online stretch wrapper which will within the existing wrap zone. A load is discharged from the palletizer and enters the online pallet wrapper, and start to wrap the load where it pauses while the top sheet is wrapped. Then the top sheet has been applied, the load continues to wrapping by stretch film and fix the top foil. After wrapping, this load will be stored out of doors. The pallet will have water-proof the effect after side wrapping with top cover and has maximum protection in storage or transport. Hennopack MT107S could also be used to place a piece of PE sheet onto an empty pallet for humidity or dustproof from the bottom before palletizing.stretch type top sheet dispenser usually combine a whole with turntable pallet wrap or MR402 rotary arm stretch film wrap to achieve pallet five faces protect,dustproof and rainproof.


Load size: L(800 – 1200) x (W800- 1200mm)mm
Max load height: 2000mm
Packing speed: 60 loads per hour
PE sheet width: 1800mm
PE sheet length: pre-set on HMI, ≤1800mm
Cut method: pneumatic driven knife
Up/down speed: 0-12meters/min, speed adjustable by inverter
Foil pulling speed: 0-12meters/min, speed adjustable by inverter
Control: PLC control with touch screen HMI
Consumables: PE sheet, T 50 – 60um, W1800mm, paper core 76mm, reel outer diameter 260mm max
Required power: 3PH 200/380VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.5kw
Required air pressure: 0.4 – 0.6Mpa
Outer dimensions: L3180 x W2390 x H3150mm
Machine weight: 550kg


1. Integrating with fully automatic wrapping machine to achieve higher packing volume – up to 50 loads per hour.
2. top foil wrapper adopts PLC control with touch screen HMI. All wrapping parameter setting from the screen. Easy to operate.
3. It automatically adjusts the height according to load height, automatically pulls the top foil according to pre-set film length, cuts and places the foil onto load top.
4.Automatic load height detection.
5.Can also be used to place a piece of PE sheet onto an empty pallet for humidity or dustproof from the bottom before palletizing.
6.Quality components for ensured reliability.

1. The machine could be customized to adapt to bigger loads.
2. Max load height 2400mm or customized.
3.Could be integrated with the semi-auto or fully auto stretch wrapper.

MT107S stretch type incycle top sheet dispenser reference video

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