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MT107P pass type In-line Top Sheet Dispenser is one top film covering equipment across the conveyor line which independent install without extra ground. A load is discharged from the palletizer and enters the pass type top Sheet Dispenser, where it pauses while the top sheet is applied. Once the top sheet has been applied, the load continues down the conveyor to the wrap zone. After wrapping, this load will be stored out of doors. The top sheet will protect the load from moisture and dirt.Pass type top sheet dispenser can be combine with MS303 online turntable pallet wrapper or MR402 rotary arm stretch wrapper to achieve pallet five faces protect,dustproof and rainproof.

in line top sheet dispenser
Item Parameters
Pallet sizeL:1200mm,W:1200mm ,accept customized design
Wrapping Height1800mm,accept customized design
Wrap speedmax 40 pallets/hour
Top sheet pulling speed3 – 12 meters/min
Conveyor Height500±50mm
Top sheet lifter motor0.37kw
Air Press0.4~0.7 Mpa
Top sheet cut methodmotor driven knife
Control SystemPLC program logic control+Touch Screen
Working ModeFully Auto unmanual
Power Supply3PH 380VAC, 50/60Hz
Top Sheet typePE film, thickness 50-75microns, width1600-1800mm, net weight 120kgs max

MT107 Pass Type In-line Top Sheet Dispenser Reference Video

1.Work with MT107 Top sheet dispenser,achieve automatically senses &  wrap film around.convers the top and conveys the pallets;

2.This machine could be integrated with MS303 Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapper or MS402 Fully Automatic Rotary Stretch Wrapper;

3.The pallet top sheet dispenser comes with its own controls and with dry contact communications to link with the other conveyor system;

4.ideal for modernized plants in industries such as food &beverage,chemicals,paper making,building materials,electric&electronics,etc;

5.Accept wrapping machine custom design,such as packing speed、color、 configuration、 performance、 appearance、 material、wrapping height、loading weight、control system、pallet size and so on.

Our Advantages


*Automatically cut top sheet by the famous-brand (Festo)rodless cylinder-driven knife,smooth and precise;
*Top sheet dispensing speed and conveyor speed variable, meet different packing speed requirements;
*Cross-structure design does not occupy the ground; also different from the stretch type top foil cover, complete the top film coverage without waiting, can meet the high-speed top film coverage requirements;
*Safety powerful – the lifting and down motor is equipped with a brake feature, and the addition of photoelectric + limit switch check, three layers to protect the personal safety;
*Simple to use – equipped with a top film drop off alarm, the film is not in place alarm; in addition, with independent control cabinet and touch screen, easy to check and observe the operation;

1. Load size and height could be custom made to specific applications.
2. Safety fencing for better protection of operators
3. In Cycle(stretch type) Top Sheet Dispenser
4. Top sheet lifting crane for loading of sheet roll.
5. Can choose woven bag or paper roll top cover.

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