Rotary arm wrapping machine-Improved packaging processes made by Hennopack
In the past 15 years, the Hennopackaging system has become one of china’s leading manufacturers of stretch packaging systems, including the mechanism and application of the stretch membrane. These systems are applied to the corrugated and pallet load industry to help organize and protect corrugated or pallet loads in the treatment of dust and damage, transportation and storage.
Rotary arm stretch wrappers are pallet wrappers where a rotary arm on which the film unwinding mechanism is mounted moves around the pallet. For packaging by means of rotary arm technology, the goods to be packed do not move. Rotary arm stretch wrappers are therefore suitable above all when very light, unstable goods are to be packed or very heavy products are to be wrapped in film. In comparison with a turntable stretch wrapper or a stretch robot, the semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrappers of our rotary arm series enable greater pallet throughput.

Fully auto rotary arm stretch wrapper

fully auto rotary arm stretch wrapper with top foil wrapper

Explosion-proof rotary arm stretch wrapper

semi-auto rotary arm stretch wrapper

Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapping Machine Applications

In line Rotary Arm Pallet Stretch wrapper with top press plate

Conveyorized rotary arm stretch wrapper for the glass pallet packing