Pallet Wrapping Machine Daily Maintenance

Pallet wrapping machine stable production efficiency and quality is the key to make more profits, for a high-performance equipment, if you do not pay attention to routine maintenance and repair, even the best equipment will also have a variety of problems, to the future Production has a certain impact. HengNuoPack for wrapping winding machine routine maintenance made a detailed description.

For the automatic pallet wrapping machine routine maintenance, in general can be divided into three areas: the lubrication of parts, parts regular cleaning and routine maintenance, these behaviors will directly affect the life of automatic wrap machine, According following is wrap equipment basic maintenance maintenance of knowledge.

First of all, for any one of the equipment, lubrication is the key to the normal work of all components, while doing automatic lubrication of the pallet wrap must pay attention to:

*Timing to the gear meshing, bearing and moving parts plus oil lubrication, once a class, to be done day after day, insist on the effect of the equipment maintenance for allowing production to achieve better efficiency;

*When filling the oil, please be careful not to drip the oil on the drive belt to prevent slippery or belt premature aging damage;

*Automatic pallet wrap machine’s reducer is an important component of the equipment, reducer is strictly prohibited oil-free operation, the first 300 hours of operation, cleaning the internal replaced with new oil, and then every 2,500 hours of work oil change, the operation Must be implemented conscientiously;

Although the quality of lubricants and daily lubrication work to ensure the normal operation of the various components of the equipment, but we can not just focus on lubrication and neglect the cleaning of equipment, especially for the food industry, cleaning is very important, effective cleaning Not only to extend the life of the pallet wrapping machine equipment but also to ensure the safety and health of food quality.

(1)After stopping should be cleaned moving part in time. For granules and other high sugar content of packaged materials, should ensure that each class cleaning turntable and film carriage;

(2) For scattered materials, should be promptly cleaned, keep the parts clean, in order to facilitate the extension of service life;

(3)Regularly clean the dust in the electric control box to prevent electrical faults such as short circuit or poor contact.

(4)If it is an online pallet wrap machine or remote control wrapping machine, you need to frequently clean the broken film cut heater, in order to ensure that the film is cut off smoothly, the film mouth beautiful;

(5)Always clean the photoelectric switch (electric eye) head, to ensure its reliable work.

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