Pass type pallet top wrapper with Siemens PLC control independent installation process

           Pallet top cover is for pallet auto achieve top foil cover and wrapping of loads. So the loads can be fully prevented from a raindrop and dust-proof. Most foreign companies will purchase this top wrapper to enhance product packaging and will install by themselves. How to install the hennopack’s pass type top foil cover(Siemens PLC control)?

First, The top cover machine will be divided into five structures, and remove the outer packaging and mark; then and then refer to the following figure structure sequence diagram installation.
Secondly, Install the photocell, total four, three of them installed on the conveyor(I0.2, I0.6, I0.7), other one install on the foil carriage. Installation location reference below picture.
Third, Signal cable connection(include cylinder magnetic switch and photocell). The connection principle is subject to the following conventions.

  1. Pallet transport and then the 2 sensing the pallet, I 0.2 send the signal to the top cover, and top cover’s film carriage will go down.
  2. And then when the 3 sensing the pallet, I0.3 will send the signal to the top cover, the top cover will stop the film carriage to go down.
  3. And then when the 6 sensing the pallet, foil carriage start to feed the foil,(and your system must need send the signal( I1.6 to allow or not allow film carriage feed the foil together);
  4. And then pallet keep transport until the 7 sensing the pallet, I0.7 send the signal to top cover to stop feed film and your system to stop conveyor(Q2.5) together, and then the top cover cutter film, after cutter film, the top cover will send the signal to your systemQ2.5 to strat pallet transport.
  5. The top cover will rise to the origin.
  6. Note: film carriage will feed certain length film in advance (length will contact film feed time  when the film feed time is 0, so the length will be 0))

Import: when the top cover is feeding foil, the system’s signal(I1.6) not allow closed, the top cover will stop feed foil until the signal(I1.6 open)

Fourth, Power up, then test component quality problems one by one manually.and then switch to automatic mode test.

         When all the steps are completed in the above way, you can complete the installation and commissioning of one pallet top film wrapper, which also saves the company a lot of money.
You can also download our top foil cover machine installation instructions for reference. If you need more technical support, please contact

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