MBP40 carton box poly bag insert machine is designed and developed according to market demand. Automatically insert the plastic bag into the inside of the carton to realize unmanned packaging. Suitable for dust-proof, moisture-proof, and hygienic applications, such as food, electronic products, stationery, plastic products, bakery product, beverages and so on.

Model MBP40 Ploy bag inserter
Carton Box Size L(200-500)mm*W(200-350)*H(150-400)mm(accept customized)
Insert speed 7-8 cases per minute(different size, different speed)
Power Supply 220V-380V,50Hz,
Power 1.5kw
Air pressure 6-7 bar
Air consumption 100NL per minute
Poly film width 460-840mm
Input Table Height 450±50mm
Machine Size L:2100mm*W:1490*H:1500mm
Machine Weight 500kg
Machine Color Milky white body, aluminum frame, blue plexiglass(accept  customized)

Standard Technical specification((others on demand)

*Output (according format): up to 8-12 boxes/min.
*Controlled by PLC.
*Control panel with LCD colour touch screen.
*Double coil for rapid change.
*Electric power: based on the country of destination.
*Installed power: 2 Kw.
*Air pressure: 6-7 bar.

Coil specifications

Standard coil without precut or preformed bag.
Material: PE film (LDPE, HDPE). Film thickness: up to 50 microns.
Coil width: 460 – 840 mm.

Versions–Stainless steel 304 ,Aluminum profile or Carbon steel


*Bag blower module.
*Output motorized conveyor.
*Ethernet connection for remote monitoring (VPN).
*Special dimensions.

Product Description

1. Automatically complete carton input, positioning, poly film output, back cover, box entry, film cutting, hemming, heat sealing, smoothing, carton output.

2. Adopts PLC+ display control, which greatly facilitates operation, management, and reduces production personnel and labor intensity. It is an indispensable equipment for automated scale production.

3. With the case erector machine, case packer machine and case sealer, complete the unpacking, bagging, heat sealing, packing, and packaging process.

3. Plastic bagging inserting machine realizes unmanned online packaging.

4. Easy to operate, reduce packaging costs.


Carton ploy bag insert machine is suitable for cut tobacco, solid oil, oil, edible oil, condiment, biscuit, snack food, loose packaged food, raw materials, beverage, chemical, electronics, rubber, plastic, stationery, toys, etc waterproof package.

Combine the polybag inserter MBP-40 with case erector, case sealer, cartoning machine, label machine, case packer to profit from a fully automatic packing line—-contact us.

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