Problems to be aware of when purchasing film wrapping machines

Each country uses different voltage, power, and product characteristics, so users need to pay attention to the following when purchasing the film wrapping machine from other countries:

1: to provide the voltage or region of the country to use the voltage to ensure that electrical components meet local voltage requirements, or easily lead to burned or unusable situation;

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A professional pallet wrapper manufacture

2: plug shape, providing socket drawings, including pin pitch and pin diameter, this is the safest way, but also the most worry-free way to avoid the same area standards, there are different specifications caused changes to reduce communication costs , Rapid sales of products, reference Figure:

3: the ratio of the stretch ratio of the membrane rack, the ratio of the power pre-stretch membrane rack, there are a variety of cases, such as the Secretary of the ratio of 200%, 250%, 300%, 350%, these membrane frame to be used Stretch film quality requirements are not the same, so users need to stretch film according to the local material to choose the appropriate frame ratio, so as to ensure that the equipment can use the case, the more cost savings packaging supplies;

4: electrical components brand, in accordance with the manufacturer’s brand, or individuals own choice of brands, both the cost and delivery time is different; because manufacturers of constant brand, continued cooperation with suppliers, there is a certain discount, If the sudden choice of additional brands, never co-operation, then the purchase cost increases, so the purchase price of equipment also increased, it is inevitable; followed by delivery, the use of manufacturers commonly used brand, supplier supply timely , Delivery can be guaranteed if the new brand in the supply of the existence of uncontrollable, programming time is not controllable, the same delivery time is not controllable, and because the program re-editing, you need additional costs, the same equipment purchase costs ;

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pallet wrapping system-hengnuopack

5: The safety certification of components, different certification requirements are not the same cost, such as CE, UL, the cost of the purchase price of the two is not the same, and delivery is also a difference, so customers need to determine the good Their own requirements, in order to select the appropriate film wrapped machine;

6: Statistics of the local types of goods commonly used in weight and height, choose the right film machine parameters, effective control of procurement costs and sales efforts;

7: The user’s other special requirements, such as beam rope, the bottom of the tray need all wrapped film, with a weighing function; will require a good, so that users can quickly provide equipment to use;

The above is the sum of the United States and the company summed up some of the purchase of automatic film machine note, if more points to add or exchange, welcome message or send a message to,

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