[product knowledge] Introduction to the working principle of automatic carton packer machine

HennoPackaging Technology has been working on the design and manufacture of end-of-line automation equipment for the production line. It has helped many companies to create high-efficiency packaging line equipment, including bag inster machines, high speed horizontal case erector machines, case packer, etc.. Here we select the carton box packer equipment to describe how it works.

First, what is the case packer machine
one automatically equipment which combines automatic feeding product(bag, bottle, box or other shape product), automatic feeding, automatic counting, automatic alignment by certain arrange etc. feature to filling the product into the box by special structure.

Second, the working principle
The material is first transported by the high-speed belt or flexible conveyor line. When the photoelectric detection detects the material, the automatic servo divider mechanism assigns the material according to the set arrangement manner then through feeding those materials to the temporary storage. According to the needs of the box inside arrangement, design special grap structure to cause the material to fill into the carton to form different arrangements. After the carton is full, it is transported to the cartoner for carton sealing.
Third, technical characteristics
1.Chinese/English man-machine interface, easy to operate and intuitive;
2. The feeding is controlled by the servo motor, the positioning is accurate, and the materials are arranged neatly;
3. Linear guide integration is convenient for handling and debugging, and the cleaning is convenient and clean;
4. The carton positioning conveyor clamps the carton in two directions, and the positioning is accurate;
5. Different production speeds can be loaded with multiple boxes at the same time, to meet mass production
6. Additional processing stations are additionally configured for different form products, such as Powder products will have a pressing mechanism to avoid the situation that the material is higher than the carton and the sealing is not flat.
4, Total carton line packaging action description
1. The case erector starts work in advance, and the carton is unpacked, and the tape is pasted to the bottom of the carton, and conveyed by the conveyor to the position below the cartoning machine, waiting for the carton to put the material into the box.
2. The carton packer starts to work, mainly adopting the method of suction cup, grab type, drop type, chain-driven type etc.case packer; through a series of shaping before packing, the material has been sorted into a shape suitable for loading into the carton, gripping hand ( Suction cup) Then put the product into the carton according to a certain running procedure.
3. After the packing is completed, the conveyor transports the packaged product to the automatic folding and sealing machine. After the photoelectric switch senses the arrival of the carton, it automatically folds the upper cover of the carton and seals the tape.
5. After the sealing is completed, the conveyor transports the carton to the automatic packing station and starts to pack automatically.
6. After the two straps are finished in accordance with the programmed procedure, the pallets are transported to the rear pallets and completed by the robot palletizer. The next step will adopt pallet vertical strapping or a horizontal strapping machine to bundle PET strap. For daily chemical products, food products, etc. usually also equipped with pallet stretch film wrapping packaging to proof-water protection. At this point, the packaging process is over, and the forklift truck forks the whole product into the warehouse.

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