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Hennopack MS203 Reel Stretch Wrapper is a machine specially designed for packing paper, film, foil and similar materials manufactured in reels. Axial Wrapping: The machine is designed to apply layers of film across the face diametrically and wrap them along the longitudinal axis. The longitudinally applied wraps are moved along the periphery with uniform overlap forming a cocoon type packing. This packing is completely Moisture & Dustproof and protects the product.

Item Parameters
Packing speed20~40 Rolls/hour
Reel diameterφ500-1500mm ,customized
Reel width500-1600mm ,customized
Turntable diameter2000mm ,customized
Turntable weight capacity2000kg ,customized
Turntable height460mm ,customized
Turntable speed0-12rpm Adjustable turntable speed ,customized
Control systemPLC control, wrap layers adjustable,customized
Film carriagePower pre-stretch system up to 350% with adjustable,customized
Power2.0KW, 380V 50HZ 3P
Machine size3200 x 2000 x 2200mm
Machine weight1100kg
Pneumatic system0.6-0.8MPa,200NL/min

 MS203 Paper Roll Reel Wrapper

1.MS203 Reel Wrapper ideal for wrapping paper rolls & non-woven rolls;

2.Especially good for narrow rolls, with top press arm to hold the roll;

3.Full wrapping of rolls,all-round protection products, moistureproof, prevent scratching, reduce scrap rate;

4 It is ideal for reel axial wrapping-across the cylindrical diameter then along the longitudinal axis;

5 According to the actual needs of the packaging, can choose standard reel wrapper or automatic ejection type, or automatic online equipment.

Our Advantages

MS203 Reel Wrapper is a machine designed for packing rolls of paper, non-woven fabrics, film and similar products made in rolls.

MS203 is the ideal wrapper for reel type products to achieve dust and moisture proof and enhanced packing effects for transport and storage.

Options: pneumatic reel ejection system, or fully automatic conveyorized reel wrapper.


*Powered pre-stretch film carriage, ratio 250%(customized).

*Automatic wrapping according to pre-set parameters. Friendly user interface for setting wrap cycles and film tension.

*Auto height detection, turntable home position, forklift sockets for easy moving.

*Roller speed variable through an inverter.

*Dual limit switches on top & bottom to provide better safety protections.

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