Robotic integrated palletizer solution for fiber Spindle manufacturer

Robotic integrated palletizer solution for fiber Spindle manufacturer
Industry: The fiber industry
Client country: China
The packing solution provide: Auto robotic palletizer with the top foil cover machine
Install date: November 2019

In life, we could not do without clothes, which give us warmth, comfort, and shelter. It is made up of individual fibers. When the fibers are delivered to the clothing manufacturer, they are first to be packing as spindles and delivered on pallets.
Before 2015, there was no high demand for the quality of clothes, but with the opening of more and more fashion exhibitions around the world in China, people also realized that clothes could be so beautiful. Thus, in accordance with the previous use of manual stacking fiber spindle, has been not allowed in high-end clothing material. After all, no matter what kind of protection artificial use, will still produce sweat, easy to contaminate the spindle, thus affecting the quality of clothing.
hennopack fiber spindle robot palletizer

This fiber spindle manufacturer CEO appointed the production manager to create an automatic palletizer system without the manual. An important part of the project was to have fiber spindle palletizing into the pallet, pallet distributed, empty pallet top foil cover, cardboard slip sheet add, and between each layer, the spindle should be separated by the foil. In addition, usable space not more, it is the only Length 8000mm*Width 6000mm height 2500mm.
The Hennopack products and experiences meant that we were chosen to provide the final automatic solution. Hennopack installs a Fanuc robot palletizer to stack the fiber spindle, and customized top foil cover machine to match the cost and space consideration.

This automated fiber spindle palletizer packing system could see the empty pallet will be dispensed by the pallet storage machine, and then transfer to the palletising position. This pallet storage could stack 6-8 pcs empty. Due to the space limit, we install two different structure top film cover machine, one is pass type top foil wrapper, its don’t have the lifting function and direct install on the conveyor is an application for the empty pallet top foil cover, and protect fiber spindle bottom waterproof. Another is a stretch-type top sheet dispenser, mainly use for each layer spindle foil cover, because this type of film cover machine has a frame, so it could install on the pallet around. After palletizing one layer, the equipment will be covered with a layer of film, don’t After palletizing one layer, the equipment will be covered with a layer of film.
hennopack top foil cover machhine

In this project, according to the cardboard slip sheet has a special structure, could not use the same robot gripper or integrated gripper to match multiple functions, Hennopack decide to adopt two different grippers, and design the robot palletizing system could automatically replace the gripper based on different requirement.

Installation was undertaken in conjunction with customer teams. The outcomes meet all the parameters set and agreed to. It could avoid sweat pollution, ensure customer product quality and company profit. In the meantime, it could let the factory ordered production and saving the customer thousands per year on labor costs.



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