Robotic Random Case Erector design and manufacturer by HennoPackaging

At present, small orders of various varieties and specifications have been a major factor hindering SMEs from realizing full automation, Especially in the area of custom cosmetics. In order to meet each customer order delivery time, they need to assign personnel to each specification product, which makes the labor cost has been occupying a large profit of these enterprises. Henno Packaging came into contact with a customer from Malaysia in May this year, they are looking forward to struggling with this labor cost problem. After studying the customer’s current production situation, including the carton size, packaging efficiency, site layout, and other issues, we decided to introduce the robot technology into the terminal packaging line and creatively design a Robotic Random Case Erecting system.

Run Variable Case Dimensions at One Time Through Robotic random erector System

Hennopack Robotic random erector system chooses china famous brand STS six-axis robot with multiple upper and lower double-layer case magazines and a bottom flap folder with integrated 3-inch tape head. We design a customized flexible end of the arm tool to pick the cardboard and then erecting as a carton shape; and then will move to the bottom tape structure to fold the bottom flap and seal; In this robot arm gripper, we choose famous suction-VMEGA and SMC air component part to ensure the sucking stable; In addition, also we equip a negative pressure detector,   it could detect whether the cardboard successfully absorbed, so as to alarm feedback fault.
hennopack robotic random case erector

Due to the site layout small, we design two upper and lower double-layer, eliminating the need for magazine occupy space. As for the tape bottom sealing mechanism, we use belt transmission on both sides, combine with the Mitsubishi Servo control width adjust, which could meet random carton size feeding and then bottom sealing. Think about the carton material quality well and not easily fold the flap level, we add one top auto down pressing mechanism which could assist the carton bottom flap-fold smooth and sealed effectively. In this bottom seal organization, there is another very important factor, it is easy to ignore it—–about the tape use application; At the tape heart, we add the tape runs out or cutting fault function, this function could let the customer pay more attention to other things, don’t worry about the carton bottom incomplete sealing, just only to replace the tape when receiving the tape run out an alarm. After all, the main purpose of automation is to save people and improve the intelligence of the production line. We cannot reserve a person to monitor the use of tape.

This robotic random erector system provides more flexibility and faster changeovers, we adopt ethernet communication technology, all machine working process communication will through by the ethernet, all the case size recipes will be saved in the HMI, then auto retrieved and selected when a case size change signal is sent by the main system. Changeover automation expedites transitions so operators just to supplement cardboard to the paper magazine. The production manager could easily respond to mixed production orders,more-consistent throughput, and have more time to focus more on product quality control.

Invest in the application of this carton robot random erecting system, the customer can calmly deal with the change of the outer packing carton size of the order’s products in the future, (Within the scope of equipment application), the company’s engineers only need to carry out robot path debugging to apply, with a wider range of compatibility. Compared with the traditional carton molding machine, less space; When the size is changed, the equipment can be adjusted frequently without manual labor, which solves the health problems caused by repeated labor of artificial body.

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