Self-lock carton box tray erector install for Japan battery manufacturer

Self-lock tray erector for battery manufacturer
industry: battery industry
Packing solution offer customized self-lock carton tray erecting machine
Date of installation: September 2020

FKIE is a battery enterprise invested in Dongguan, China which from japan, specializing in the service of ups intermittent power supply. Their products are packaged in self-locking boxes, and up to 13000 pcs cardboard trays are used every day. This process needs more than 20 labors to finish it. The production manager was looking for a new packaging system that could provide automatic unpacking of the self-lock carton and save cost and improve the production line automatically.

After a full review of their current paper tray type and production situation, Hennopack recommended the customized MT10 self-lock tray former machine. This tray erector could be unpacking box up to 12 pcs per minute, it is more than 14000 pcs each day which based on their self-locking carton size design. In addition, this machine also adds a carton dust removal function, it could avoid dust pollution and place the battery into the box directly. Save more time in the packing step.
self-lock carton box tray erector

A massive step up from manually operated form the self-lock box, give more manual cost save, delivery order on time, save more space to do other projects,s and further protection of the battery.

This machine with a simple HIM screen operation, operator don’t need intensive training, because the self-lock case erector has been designed to be used by people with no prior experience, Touch screen will display all step one by one and the servo motor will control the form accuracy. One labor could be running this machine, Just to start the power and add the cardboard to the stacker, then enter the start button is ok. when the stacker running out, will cause the alarm and then add the cardboard without the machine stop.
1-2-3 bottom tray erector

The self-locking carton machine provided our client with the perfect between space and machine size, investment, and return simplicity and efficiency. They have seen a decrease in self-locking box damage and contamination issues, an increase in production throughput and they are enjoying the financial benefits of the labor-cost and space applications.

Hennopack is now a solution designer, not just an equipment supplier. Welcome you to contact our engineer to discuss more knowledge In your carton packing line case or experience.

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