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Semi-auto case sealer machine is one left & right belts driven, carton top & bottom tape sealer, the length of carton is unlimited. It’s widely used in foodstuff, cosmetics pharmaceuticals industries.

Item Parameters
Packing speed0-20m/min
Max.Carton sizeL∞×W500×H500mm
Min.Carton sizeL150×W150×H120mm
Power supply110V/220/380V 50Hz/60Hz
Adhesive tape widthW48mm/60mm/75mm
Machine sizeL1020×W850×H1350
Machine weight140kg

MPA-50 Semi-auto case sealer machine video

1.Can be completed at the top and bottom sealing action;

2.heart up and down   interchangeable ;

3.can stand-alone use or application in the automated packaging line;

4.also can adopt printing tape, improve product image; universal type,fit for all kind of carton  sealing, especially for heavy products;

5.MPA-50 case sealing machine widely use in food, medicine, beverages, tobacco, cosmetic, automotive, cable, electronics and other industries at home and abroad.

Our Advantages


1)Exclusive design by Hennopack;

2)Cerificate:ISO9001/CE, meet the requirements of international standards;

3)according to carton specifications,manually adjust the width and height;

4)Cutter safety system to prevent hands form stabbed by the cutter;

5)Adopt both sides belt driven,up and down carton cover sealing, economic, stable, fast;

6)Adopt international advanced manufacturing technology,  imported parts ,components, electrical components;

7)Can stand-alone use or application in the automated packaging line,help factory to saving enterprise cost, improve production efficiency,  is the best choice of packing standardization for product;

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