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Stretch wrapping machines are used to wrap film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support during transportation and storage to protect them from dust, moisture or damage. MS206M Semi-auto stretch pallet wrapper with M type is a customized stretch film equipment,let goods easily up and down without ramp. It is especially suitable for light industries such as food, LED products, empty cans and empty bottles.

Item Parameters
Pallet sizeL*W1000*1000mm(customized)
Wrapping Height2100mm
Packing Speed20-45 pallets per hour
Turntable Diameter1650mm
Carriage Speed0-3m/min
Control SystemPLC program logic control
Working ModeAuto/manual
Wrapping Settingwrap cycles /top wraps /bottom wraps /overwrap
Product Weight700kg max
Machine Weight690kg
Machine Size2710×1680×2300mm

MS206M M Type Turntable Stretch Wrapper Packing

1.Power pre-stretch film carriage,ratio250%,film saving;

2.Both one touch automatic programs and manual run are available.

3.9 layer coated membrane way choice, to meet various requirements;

4.Auto imported height photoelectric detection, automatic height limit wrapped package;

5.PLC automatic program control, simple and convenient operation, low fault rate, low cost;

6.Accept wrapping machine custom design,such as color、 configuration、 performance、 appearance、 material、wrapping height、loading weight、control system and so on.

Our Advantages

wrapping machine factory

1.Auto height detection,turntable home position,forklift sockets for easy moving;
2.Dual limit switches on the top&bottom to provide better safety protections;
3.Using this M Type pallet wrapper to replace artificial, at least can reduce 2-3 packers, save 40-70% of packaging material, improve the efficiency of 50% of the packaging, large cost savings, more can make the packaging standardization
4.Channel configuration photoelectric safety detection system, upper and lower cargo safe and reliable;
5.Motor USES the built-in brake function, secondary protection personnel and goods safety;
6.professional R&D department,can be offer you the oem/odm service.
7.Technique team support you to slove the testing issue and tell you more information about security system solution;

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