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Semi-auto Stretch Wrapper with Top Plate is fitted with pneumatic/power to pressing plate based on MS206 Semi-auto PPS. It is ideal for tall and unstable goods ,Top plate provides a press to the top of load to protect it from falling apart and dropping down.

Item  Parameters
Turntable Diameter 1500mm,optional 1650mm、1800mm、2000mm
Wrapping Height 2100mm,optional 2400mm、2600mm
Loading Weight 2000kg
Packing Speed 20-35 pallets per hour
Turntable Speed 0-15rpm,speed varibale, turntable soft start&soft stop
Turntable Height 82mm
Carriage Speed 0-3m/min
Control System PLC program logic control
Press Length 600mm(air-driven),no limit(power-driven)
Control System PLC program logic control
Working Mode Auto/Manual
Power 1PH,110/220/380VAC(optional),50/60Hz,1.35kw,20A
Dimensions 2565x1500x2600mm
Machine Weight 750kg

Semi-auto Pallet Stretch Wrapper Testing

1.MS206P is a semi-auto stretch pallet wrapper with top plate is fitted with Electric/Air  top pressing plate base on MP206 semi-auto PPS;

2.It is ideal for tall and unstable goods.Top plate provides a press to the top of load to protect it fromfalling apart and dropping down;

3.It is most suitable for wrapping of products such as cans,empty bottles,glass products,cotton,electric&electronics,food stuff,etc.

4.Accept wrapping machine custom design,such as color、 configuration、 performance、 appearance、 material、wrapping height、loading weight、control system and so on.

Our Advantages

wrapping machine factory

1)Exclusive design by Hennopack;

2)Cerificate:ISO9001/CE, meet the requirements of international standards;

3)Pressure plate use the soft foam, does not damage the product, use reliable;

4)Auto height detection,turntable home position,forklift sockets for easy moving;

5)Adopts imported linear guide, cylinder lift smooth, smooth, reduce the risk of damage to the cylinder;

6)Adopt international advanced manufacturing technology,  imported parts ,components, electrical components;

7)Film under the bottom of the rack configuration anti-collision device, protective film carriage, to ensure the safety of staff;

8)When the equipment is delivered, perform a load test and commission the equipment perfectly,worry-free use;

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