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Semi-auto Stretch Wrapper with Top Plate is fitted with pneumatic/power to pressing plate based on MS206 Semi-auto PPS. It is ideal for tall and unstable goods ,Top plate provides a press to the top of load to protect it from falling apart and dropping down.

Item Parameters
Turntable Diameter1500mm,optional 1650mm、1800mm、2000mm
Wrapping Height2100mm,optional 2400mm、2600mm
Loading Weight2000kg
Packing Speed20-35 pallets per hour
Turntable Speed0-15rpm,speed varibale, turntable soft start&soft stop
Turntable Height82mm
Carriage Speed0-3m/min
Control SystemPLC program logic control
Press Length600mm(air-driven),no limit(power-driven)
Control SystemPLC program logic control
Working ModeAuto/Manual
Machine Weight750kg

Semi-auto Pallet Stretch Wrapper Testing

1.MS206P is a semi-auto stretch pallet wrapper with top plate is fitted with Electric/Air  top pressing plate base on MP206 semi-auto PPS;

2.It is ideal for tall and unstable goods.Top plate provides a press to the top of load to protect it fromfalling apart and dropping down;

3.It is most suitable for wrapping of products such as cans,empty bottles,glass products,cotton,electric&electronics,food stuff,etc.

4.Accept wrapping machine custom design,such as color、 configuration、 performance、 appearance、 material、wrapping height、loading weight、control system and so on.

Our Advantages

wrapping machine factory

1)Exclusive design by Hennopack;

2)Cerificate:ISO9001/CE, meet the requirements of international standards;

3)Pressure plate use the soft foam, does not damage the product, use reliable;

4)Auto height detection,turntable home position,forklift sockets for easy moving;

5)Adopts imported linear guide, cylinder lift smooth, smooth, reduce the risk of damage to the cylinder;

6)Adopt international advanced manufacturing technology,  imported parts ,components, electrical components;

7)Film under the bottom of the rack configuration anti-collision device, protective film carriage, to ensure the safety of staff;

8)When the equipment is delivered, perform a load test and commission the equipment perfectly,worry-free use;

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