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MS206 Semi-auto pallet turntable stretch film wrapper machine is used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. It is able increasing your throughput by simply load your pallet, attach film, and push start bottom.Film provides extra support during transportation and storage to protect them from dust, moisture or damage.It’s been widely used in industries such as glassware,tools,electric&electronic,paper,pottery,food&beverage,etc.

Item  Parameters
Turntable Diameter 1500mm,optional 1650mm、1800mm、2000mm
Wrapping Height 2100mm,optional 2400mm、2600mm
Loading Weight 2000kg,optional 3000kg、4000kg
Packing Speed 20-40 pallets per hour
Turntable Speed 0-15rpm,speed varibale, turntable soft start&soft stop
Turntable Height 82mm
Carriage Speed 0-3m/min
Control System PLC
Working Mode Auto/Manual
Power 1PH,110/220/380VAC(optional),50/60Hz,1.35kw,20A
Dimensions 2565x1500x2572mm
Machine Weight 700kg

Semi-auto Pallet Wrap Testing

1.Hennopack Stretch wrapping machine are used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet;

2.Film provides extra support during transportation and storage to protect them from dust,moisture or damage;

3.Widely used in food, electronics, logistics, warehousing, paper making, hardware, electrical appliances, beverages, printing, ceramics and other industries;

4.Accept custom design according to customer requirement,such as color、 configuration、 performance、 appearance、 material、wrapping height、loading weight、control system and so on

*Dual limit switches on the top&bottom to provide better safety protections;
*heavy structure and tough designing give you reliability in wrapping year after year.
*Film under the bottom of the rack configuration anti-collision device, protective film carriage, to ensure the safety of staff;
*The film provides additional support, while the transport and storage of the products protect them from tips, leaks, or damage;
*Adopt international advanced manufacturing technology,  imported parts, components, electrical components which with Certificate: ISO9001/CE;
*Can be customized other features–M type pallet wrap, with top plates pallet wrapper, stretch film wrap with weight and so on;
*Using hennopack wrapping machine package products, effectively prevent the transport process, the goods are stolen, be replace and bale off risk, reduce attrition rate of transportation enterprise, protect corporate profits;

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