Hennopack is the ideal solution for stretch film wrapping of unstable products with stretch film.
The semi-auto rotary arm stretch wrapping system is floor-mounted. Loads are kept stationary while the carriage rotates around the load to apply the stretch film. With no components at floor level, rotary arm wrappers are also perfect for washdown environments. A great, low-cost semi-automatic rotary arm wrapper for light and unstable or heavy pallet loads. Stretch-wrap machines are cost-justified on material, labor savings, and load unitization improvements with the majority of machines paying for themselves in one to two years. In terms of material savings, consider that today’s high-performance machines pre-stretch the material by 250 percent or more.

Technical features

1.Production (as operator and load): up to 20 pallets/hour.
2.PLC controlled, with display control panel.
3.CE conformity

4.Adjustable speed for film carriage and rotary arm.
5.Automatic detection of the height of goods to be packed by means of light sensors
6.Screen selectable Top/Bottom wraps and cycles.
7.Illuminated cycle START/STOP beacon.
8.Contact safety system: it stops the wrapping arm in case of contact with an obstacle.
9.Automatic safety mode to start the cycle.
10.Low maintenance overhead, simple operation
11.The integrated film pre-stretching enables optimized film consumption,pre-stretch 250% or more.
12.Space-saving, no turntable and/or ramp in the way
13.Adjustable arm length according to different sizes, suitable for multi-specification packaging
14.Installation of the stretch wrapper is possible on a wall, column or stand
15.The wrapper can be also installed above platforms, scales or conveyors
16.Optionally with swivel device for two parallel wrapping stations for higher throughput

Machine Parameter

1.Product specifications: L1200 * W1200* H600-1800mm Max (customized)
2Conveying table height: 550mm±50mm
3. Effective packaging height: 1800mm(customized)
4. Packaging efficiency: 20-30 pallets/hour
5. Install method: wall install or ground
6. Machine color: RAL7035(customized).
7. Turntable rotation speed: 3-15 rev / min (speed adjustable)
8. Membrane type: pre-stretched film frame, stretching ratio of 250%,
adjustable film tension
9. Stretch film: ∮250mm width 500mm, inner core ∮76mm;
10. Power: 3-phase 5-wire AC 380V/50Hz
11.Safety photo-eye for stopping the machine
12.Contact safety system: it stops the wrapping arm in case of contact with an obstacle.
1.pallet roller conveyor.
2.Motorized chain conveyor.
3..Mechanical film brake or direct film brake
4.Load detection options: ultrasound.
5.foil auto-feed and cutting structure

Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Pallet Stretch Wrapper Machine Application Video Refer

Well, the above is the relevant parameter display of the semi-automatic rotary arm pallet wrap machine. If there is still a place that does not understand, it does not matter, the solution is as follows:

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