Sleeve type sealing and orbital wrapping solution for a plastic storage box manufacturer

Sleeve type shrink sealing and orbital wrapping solution for a plastic storage box manufacturer
Client: Kangna Logistics e-commerce
Industry: plastic storage box.
Packing solution: plastic storage box six face film wrapping.
Installation date: Oct 2020

Kangna Logistics e-commerce is one company that mainly sells on the Internet. Their products always ordered online and then delivered by logistics. So that the plastic storage box will have a certain stacking time. And after time goes, dust stains the surface of the plastic box, affecting the user’s purchase experience. The managing director was looking for a cost-effective packaging system that could save labor and easy to operate.
sleev sealing and orbital wrapping machine

After a full researcher of their current delivery method and stacking type. Adopt the conventional packing type-( the plastic box load in carton box) is not allow, because this packing material cost is very high, and those machines will need more space for the application. After cost analysis research, we decide to adopt an auto sleeve type PE film sealing machine combines with the orbital wrapper to form one fully auto packing system.

This auto packing solution total length, not more than 5000mm, and the height not more than 2000mm; It is very suitable for the use of the electronic logistics industry because this logistic usually works on more than the second building. The compact size of the equipment allows easy handling of both application space and transfer via elevator.

After counting the box size of the manufacturer, we make a special sleeve sealing machine and orbital wrapper for all range of the plastic storage box. It could mix feeding different size boxes, and the machine also could easily packing them perfectly without any adjustments. For operators, they only need to change the packaging materials and switch on and off. The employees don’t need intensive training. The Innovative and foolproof packaging system makes packaging simpler.
Hennopack orbital wrapper

Calculate from cost, such one Length 450mm*width 330mm*height 300mm plastic, this packing material cost only needs 0.6 USD per box. If choose the carton box as the packing protector, will need adhesive tape and paper cardboard, it will pay 0.9 USD material cost. In addition, the PE file could be recovery and recycling without effect the environment, But the paper cardboard may need to damage more trees.

The Hennopack customized PE film sleeve type sealing and orbital wrapper solution provide our client with the perfect balance between simplicity and efficiency, durability, and flexibility. They have seen a decrease in WH&S issues, such as they no longer have to dust surfaces before shipment or have them scratched when stored, and discuss whose responsibility it is. The packaging method of mixed incoming materials can make them no longer worry about missing customer order quantity, and also solve the cost of re-shipping logistics.

In a word, this automatic plastic storage box sleeve sealing and orbital wrapping packaging system keeps customers enjoying profits.


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