[Someone @ you] Semi-auto wrapping machine fool-style installation method, are you understand it?

Wrapping machine after purchase if factory didn’t installed  door to door, you need install youself, but our wrapping machine have one install advantage: we adopt is a fool type installation, simple and convenient installation, the operation more easily, and today, as a manufacturer, we can simply introduce :

(1)After stretch wrapper arrived at the scene, to confirm whether your machine, check the machine and spare parts according to the packing list,confirm wrapping machine whether is damaged during transit,whether  is have a lack of something, and if so ,please contact us at first time, we will solve and provide the best quality service。

(2)According to the packing to specify the location to open (be careful not to damage to the wrapping machine), according to the random packing list to check the equipment and accessories.Read the directions, for installation, debugging and use.

(3)Stretch film equipment shall be installed in no dust, no flammable and explosive chemicals and other substances that have a corrosion effect on machine is relatively dry indoor environment, temperature – 10-40 ℃, no condensation.

(4)Wrapper turntable must positioning in ground flat  , such as uneven can be appropriately to use plastic or other flat materials cushion flat under the turntable.

Install the ramp (optional) on the same level of the turntable to product in or out of the working position convenient. Note that the position and the clearance of the turntable are installed and fixed with expansion screws (self).

  Note: placed on uneven or soft ground, rotary will deformation effects will use! Check other connection parts, electrical wiring for loose or fall off, should be fixed in time all the mobility of components and wiring.

The wiring of the AC power supply should be carried out by a full-time electrician to avoid the risk of electric shock and circuit failure.

Pallet Wrapping Machine electrical box with high voltage, non-full-time electrician or full-time maintenance personnel, do not open to prevent electric shock.

(6)Be sure to provide a correct, stable, and reliable fixed power supply (no use of temporary lines).Connect the motor connection and the sensor lead according to the corresponding line number.Connect the power supply to the power supply lead wire of the machine. When connecting, please pay attention to the positive and negative direction of the motor, make sure that it is correct and make the grounding test. This is not the same as a shrinking machine.

(7)Check the wrapping machine other limit switch, limit switch arm, limit the block is damaged and in the exact location, whether it can be used normally.Equipment  chain and reducer has been lubricated or oiled in the factory, please confirm before running.

(8)Turn on the power, the electrical cabinet in the air switch, control panel to open the power switch, the machine power self-test, in standby mode, you can debug.

The above is for the wrapping machine in the installation of a brief introduction, we have more than 10years in the wrapping machine field, if you install the wrapping machine or debugging machine problems, you can contact us(service@mqspac.com), we will reply and solve the problem at first time.

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