Since its establishment, Henno Packaging Technology has been focusing on the development and research of automatic packaging at the end of the product, especially in the field of automatic box carton packer, we continuously explored and developed high-efficiency product load into carton solution; This spider-robotic hand case packer system is Tailor-made designs for special products, such as frozen chicken nuggets, meat nuggets, self-supporting bags of milk powder, stand up seasoning bags, pouch bag biscuits, French fries, hand sanitizer, and drug industry, etc.

spider robot case packer
pouch bag case packer

Robot case packer Design Features

1.combine with vision allowing processors and co-packers to pack both vertically and horizontally on the same line simultaneously.
2.Capable of handling standard RSC cases, three-sided displays and a wide range of other secondary containers.
3.Bulk, variety, display and single-flavor packing can be achieved on this spider robot case packer solution
4. Designed for quick pick and place, it can perform 130 pick-ups per minute with a corresponding cycle time of 0.4 seconds.
5.Spider-hand- robots are ideal for applications that need to move objects quickly and accurately from one place to another.

Spider robot case packer Parameters

Type: MTP-03
voltage/power: 380V 50/60HZ 5KW
Payload: 1kg-20kg
Packing speed: 10-40carton /min
Work diameter: 600mm-1300mm
Air pressure: 6-7kg
Machine specification: Customization
Gripper type:sucker or clampper
Pick speed:20-120cycle per min
Robotic Axis: Three or four-axis, based on requirements
Frame Material: Carbon steel or 304ss, with safety door

1. In terms of picking technology, the solution of spider robotic Picker is suitable for many types of products, applications and packaging lines.
2. Covers various industries such as frozen food, bread candy, ice cream, meat and fish products, dairy products, cheese, pet food, medical supplies, shampoo bottles and perfume bottles.
3. The replacement fixture can be used for packaging applications of different products on the same production line, which is efficient, saves space and invests costs less, and only needs to switch product varieties on the touch screen.
4. It is easy to integrate, and the installation is very flexible: It can be installed in a bracket, wall-mounted, inclined or inverted type, and can even be installed inside the equipment.
5. Spider robot case packer could be integrated with the case erector and the carton sealer as a fully automated packaging line.

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