Surprising case auto flap-fold sealer expandable functions

Kraft paper carton boxes are widely used in various industries as product protection packaging around the world, and carton sealing machines also have a certain history following the development of carton. They were first developed and manufactured in Europe and America to replace labor and improve production efficiency; After China joined the WTO, advanced automated packaging production lines and packaging experience entered Chinese enterprises, and Henno Packaging Engineers learned from that experience to the design of unique automatic carton sealing machine series products. The automatic case flap-fold sealer machine is the most widely used device model in this series. Let us understand how much expansion function this type of device can bring us.
1. Conventional carton folding machine, the most sold model, its mechanism is a single column design, the carton is conveyed through the left and right belts, the bottom is composed of unpowered rollers or rollers, and the efficiency can be sealed in 20-25 boxes per minute speed. The motor and pneumatic software of this equipment can choose German SEW motor/Festo pneumatic components/Japanese SMC components according to the needs of users; the rack can also be customized to choose 304 stainless steel materials, which is suitable for use in pharmaceutical or food industry production lines. The sealing tape used is also the international general size; 48mm/60MM/72MM, choose the appropriate tape sealing mechanism according to your product.

Extended function 1-seal form selection, in general, there are many international applications of this case top flap adhesive tape seal, but as some products have higher added value or the weight of the product is heavier, the sealability and bearing capacity must be strict, so we In order to meet the use of these special industries, we can usually choose hot melt adhesive sealing, or nail sealing or hot melt combine nailing to sealing;

Extended function 2–Automatic detection and adjustment for multiple side carton sealing.In some 3C electronics industries, there are many kinds of products, and there are also many carton size specifications. At this time, if manual adjustments are used to adjust the equipment to adapt to different carton sizes, this will be a labor-intensive work for the operator, but also special Affecting efficiency, there are other industries, such as logistics sorting industry, e-commerce industry. Their carton sizes are mixed and will be mixed the traditional automatic sealing machine is no longer suitable for these industries; Henno packaging technology is exactly Found the needs of this particular industry, custom designed a fully automatic folding and sealing machine, this device uses a double-column design, no shaking during the sealing process; at the same time, it has automatic detection of carton long and high size, automatic adjustment of belt, sticky Adhesive, folding and other mechanisms are very much packaged and good in carton packaging production lines; at the same time, it could be combined with the four-corner fully auto sealing machine to form an “I-shaped” sealing effect. For specific applications, please refer to the following video:

Extended function 3–special carton seal customization: In some industries, such as desktop computer cases, LCD TV cartons, etc., these cartons are relatively flat, and the carton height exceeds the height of conventional cartons, and other such LED lights, wooden floor cartons, etc, that carton width height of these industries is extremely low, but the length is too long; at this time, for the above two examples, the traditional carton sealing machine is used, and the equipment and products are completely unmatched. Even if the purchase it back, it is a waste of enterprise costs; Henno technology because of its rich experience in the carton-load packaging industry, Invited to design automatic sealing machines for these special industries. By changing the mechanism such as adding a belt drive device, the top side industry automatic folding device, etc., successfully manufactured a sealing machine that meets these industries.

Combining the above three extended functions, regardless of the sealing method, mechanism materials, degree of intelligence, or carton specificity, the extended function of the carton sealing machine will meet the use of automatic sealing in most industries. Although there are still some industries that could not solve the automatic seal situation currently, the Henno team will deepen the technological innovation in the carton packaging industry to help improve the efficiency of packaging in more manufacturing industries.
At the same time, in our above-case seal knowledge sharing, engineers or enterprises want to know more about specific applications or effects in more detail, you can click below to contact us.

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