HennoPack innovative case packer and robotic palletizer system for multiple-product lines apply

Hennopack has designed a new robotic palletizing system, which introduces the three different production line carton packages stack into the relative pallet without rise more stack equipment, irrespectively of the product size arriving from the infeed conveyor. Customer:Wipmex Industry: Pouch bag Milk powder Solution: Auto spider robot case packer and robot palletizer Install date: March [...]


10000BPH water production line secondary packing system

Industry: Bottled water production line Manufacturer Packaging solutions provided: Auto secondary packing line system Date of installation: May 2020 With the development of economy, the industrialization of cities has been increasing. For the water resources in the urban environment, these waters cannot be directly drinkable. Therefore, bottled mineral water is produced from this. The water [...]

Surprising case auto flap-fold sealer expandable functions

Kraft paper carton boxes are widely used in various industries as product protection packaging around the world, and carton sealing machines also have a certain history following the development of carton. They were first developed and manufactured in Europe and America to replace labor and improve production efficiency; After China joined the WTO, advanced automated [...]

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