High speed case forming,bottle case packer,kuka robot palletizing system for white spirit production line

Project Overview The southern China-based producer of brewing free-lance brands is looking for ways to expand its product line of one of its popular gift-wrapped liquor products to capture the market and stabilize its brand image more efficiently. White spirit company production manager hopes to have the entire line of equipment manufactured and installed [...]


HennoPack innovative case packer and robotic palletizer system for multiple-product lines apply

Hennopack has designed a new robotic palletizing system, which introduces the three different production line carton packages stack into the relative pallet without rise more stack equipment, irrespectively of the product size arriving from the infeed conveyor. Customer:Wipmex Industry: Pouch bag Milk powder Solution: Auto spider robot case packer and robot palletizer Install date: March [...]


small product high-speed case packer-Spider robotic hand box packer

Since the reform of Industry 4.0, industrial equipment technology and products have matured, and robot automation has gradually replaced manpower. Based on the globalization of network platforms, factory automation assembly line robot production operations have become increasingly popular. Among them, robots play a pivotal role in Industry 4.0, while traditional 4- and 6-axis tandem robots [...]

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