Customized big size tray erector for an australian Bread manufacture

Customized big tray erector solution for an Australian bread manufacturer Client: Sauer'S Industry: delicious bread Packing solution offer:self-lock airplane cardboard tray auto-folding machine  Delivery date: Aug.2020 Hennopack recently cooperation with an Australian famous bread manufacturer located in Sydney to design and install a new Automatic cardboard tray erector. Our customer was looking for an auto-fold [...]


High-speed forming & gluing boxes technological solutions for fruit and vegetable tray box former

Corrugated boxes are currently one of the most widely used packaging materials in the world, and their uses can be made into a variety of cartons, gift boxes, etc. In recent years, especially in the fruit, vegetable or gift packaging industry, due to changes in customer consumption and retailers' emphasis on attrition rates. The usage [...]

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