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In a period when the social competition is so fierce and profits are so weak; the efficiency of production lines and the number of workers have a huge impact on the manufacturing industry, especially in industries with relatively poor production environments for human health, such as cotton, chemical fiber, bricks and tiles, steel, cans, etc. .the fully automated production lines are exactly what those manufacturing companies pursue. In these industries, there will be a process that will use PET / PP tape to bundle the product to prevent it from collapsing during transportation or stacking. It is called a pallet strapper machine. In the Henno packaging product line, we also have two major categories of such equipment, and the costs are also different. In order to prevent partners or customers from choosing the wrong model, here our engineers carry out some basic professional knowledge on this equipment share it:

empty bottle palletizer system

According to the bundling direction, the pallet strapping machine could be divided into vertical type strapping machine and horizontal type strapping machine. The vertical strapping machine automatically passes the straps through the holes of the pallet, binds the goods and the pallet around and packs them, and some non-palletized goods can also use this strapping machine, only need to make a special conveyor line. According to the characteristics and needs of the cargo, you can choose to implement two parallel strappings or ” #” type bundle-strapping on the load-pallet.
The tension is from strap bonding port which through machine heart friction welding and does not refer to the tension of the strap itself, this tension is measured by a professional tensile machine.

Both the vertical strapping machine and the horizontal strapping machine have a light-tension version. Due to the lightweight of the goods and strap cost and space, many companies will adopt stretch film packing to replace horizontal strapping applications. Then combine with vertical strapping machines. Currently, they are mainly used in the 3C industry. Can industry, carton printing industry, etc., but some heavy industry products will also use this equipment because the bottom of the product is equipped with a tray, only auxiliary strapping is required. Facing some market demands and costs, Henno Packaging independent technical team has cooperated with Taiwanese companies to combine its own design and manufacturing capabilities to develop a stable and reliable vertical baler. It has been used in many industry cases, such as empty cans. Can-making industry, PE plastic bottle packaging industry, electronic accessories bundle winding packaging line series, etc. Light vertical strapping machines are usually combined with online winding machines, palletizing systems, and conveyor elevators to form automatic packaging lines suitable for warehouses. The entire production line only requires personnel to load and retrieve materials. For application examples, please refer to below bottle packing line video:

For high-strength strapping machines, there are also vertical and horizontal types; this high-strength strapping machine is currently the earliest developed in Europe and the United States and has the longest history. After all, their industry is decades earlier than China. However, with the development of China’s economy, all walks of life are developing rapidly. Industry leaders learn international manufacturing technology and introduce foreign production lines. In the early stage of development, because of the low labor cost, advanced automated packaging lines are temporarily unnecessary, but with the assimilation of global trade, manpower The rapid rise in costs has led companies to focus on the upgrade of automated packaging lines, such as textile industries such as cotton and chemical fiber; building materials industries such as bricks, tiles, plates, and glass; metal industries such as steel and non-ferrous metals; and light industry industries such as food, canning, and home appliances; Manufacturing industries such as solar energy, auto parts, etc .; and papermaking, warehouses, etc .; these industries require a large number of personnel to pack, and the annual labor cost is large; and these industries have a feature that requires PET strapping packaging; the use of strapping machines will There will be qualitative changes to these enterprises, but due to the high cost, large investment and difficulty in after-sales procurement of foreign brand strapping machines, companies have been afraid to carry out automated upgrades of packaging lines; at present it is precisely recognizing these industry plights, Henno Packaging combine with Industry engineers assist in the development of high-strength strapping machines Production, eventually succeeded in creating a stable and reliable high tension strapping. At present, the maximum tensile force can reach 5800N, which is a good packaging tool for textile, papermaking, building materials, and other industries. For application examples, please refer to below brick brock strapping packing line video:

For the strapping machine parameter table, you can refer to the following:

pallet strapping machineLight forceBig force
Arch Size (W x H)(Customize)(Customize)
Bundling speed20sec. / strapNot more than 20sec. / strap
pallet size(mm)Based on customer designBased on customer design
Power supply380V,50/60Hz, 3PH380V,50/60Hz, 3PH
Power Consumption (kW)1.5kw2KW
Control systemPLC+touch screenPLC+touch screen
Sealing PositionSide sealSide seal
Sealing MethodFriction weldingFriction welding
Index sealing head400 mm stroke400 mm stroke
Feeding speed10 feet / second, (3.1m / s)10 feet / second, (3.1m / s)
Tightening speed10 feet / second, (3.1 m / s)10 feet / second, (3.1 m / s)
Conveyor Height400mm400mm
pallet hole arrowNot less than 60mmx60mmNot less than 60mmx60mm
Strap Width (mm)1608, pet weight 20kg(max)1608, pet weight 20kg(max)
Reel I.D. (mm)203/406mm(Specified)406mm (Specified)
Welding time1s-1.5s1s-1.5s
Tension range150-750N300-5800N
Machine dimension (Depending on the design)(Depending on the design)
Machine weight (Depending on the design)(Depending on the design)

hennopack brick block strapping machineThrough the brief description above, we can understand that Henno Packaging currently has large and small tension vertical and horizontal strapping machines. These equipment are customized according to product characteristics and dimensions. If your packaging production line needs a vertical pallet strapping machine or a horizontal pallet strapping machine, and you don’t know how to judge, please click below and our professional engineers will provide answer your questions.

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