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With the rapid development of the economy, whether it is online shopping or regular gift exchange, convenient and beautiful folding box packaging has gradually become the first choice of consumers. Due to the product’s own characteristics, the formation of the tray will be different. At the same time, due to the increase in consumption, each enterprise is eager for the automatic folding box forming equipment. Below, Henno Packaging will share the current mainstream tray of each industry and related molding machine information.

1. What kind of box is the tray?
The tray box mainly the box which refers to the cardboard through the machine molding tool to stamping, then side buckle self-lock(or use hot melt replace self-lock to glue), the next process to put the product into the box, without the adhesive tape sealed the box bottom. Because its appearance is simple and beautiful small size, easy to open and close, especially suitable for e-commerce packaging, shelf food packaging, gift packaging industry use.

2. How may the type of tray?
Each industry has a clear distinction structure of the tray due to different factors such as its environment and use.
First of all-aircraft box– self-lock tray:
The e-commerce industry is an emerging industry that has emerged in China in the past three years, and it has grown at a double rate every year. At the same time, its development has attracted the attention and learning of the global e-commerce industry and has also driven the development of global countries in this industry. The e-commerce industry mainly serves personal consumption. Each product is individually packaged, and the shape of the aircraft box/tray is the most widely used in the e-commerce industry–refer the following aircraft tray picture:

In addition to being used in the e-commerce industry, aircraft tray like this are also used in electrical parts production line packaging, such as PLC tray, battery tray, router tray, pizza tray, etc.; and the speed of tray former machines used in these industries is generally 10 -15 per minute or so, the high-speed aircraft box molding machine will reach 25 per minute or so. This self-lock tray former machine is small in size, easy to move, and can be used independently. combine with the tray packer and tray sealing machine to make the automatic production line.

Second, Cover type cardboard tray—–usually for the food industry
Cover type tray will divide into the self-lock type and the hot melt-lock. It is actually a separate lid, usually used for display food on the shelves, especially bread, candy, cardboard tray for cupcakes, pastries, bakery products or also for cookies. At the same time, it as a gift tray to give it away with other gift-packaging. When used as a stand-alone machine for small companies, the speed of the equipment is generally 10-15 per minute; if it is used in a food production line, when combined with the case erector machine, case packer and carton sealing machine, the speed can reach 30 per minute. In most cases, cover type tray will adopt hot melt lock–the brands are generally Nordson-USA or Robatech-Swiss.

Third, Vegetable and fruit corrugated cardboard tray:
Fruits and vegetables are one of the industries with the largest daily consumption, which has led to the emergence of more and more large-scale production enterprises of fruits and vegetables. For convenient transportation, export to other countries, or display on supermarket shelves, these enterprises use a lot of corrugated trays. Because in order to balance the characteristics of each variety, the characteristics of the enterprise, the cardboard tray structure of each enterprise vary widely, and the tray erector machine will be customized.

You can refer to the above fruit and vegetable corrugated tray pictures–such as crocodile pears tray, strawberries tray, apple tray, tomatoes tray, grapes tray, etc.; you can see that there is much difference between them, their tray erector will use the different mold to fold tray, also the speed will from 20-40 tray per minute, and also most of them use the hot melt-lock type.
Incidentally, in the fruit and vegetable boxes, some companies use a slightly special carton for the convenience of transportation over long distances. This type of box can be imaged by our conventional case erector, and the box of the bottom seal will be using adhesive tape or hot melt adhesive

By the way, any of the formed, closed and glued of cardboard tray boxes erector machine, for various sectors: food, industrial and agricultural. Hennopack can be modified or customized designed to suit your specification, if you can’t find exactly what you want then contact Hennopack and a Sales Engineer will discuss your requirements with you in full. The formed, closed and glued of cardboard boxes both corrugated and compact, for various sectors: food, industrial and agricultural.

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