Hennopack automatic carton tray erector forming machine adopts pneumatic control. The cardboard is automatically folded and capped by an adjustable die. The paper flap automatically locks the cardboard so that the cardboard is formed without adhesive tape or hot melt adhesive. Ultimately, the paperboard is folded into a carton shape, which facilitates manual direct loading of the product, thereby eliminating the need for manual opening of the box and eliminating laborious and repetitive tasks. The equipment is simple to operate, easy to adjust, stable and durable. Widely used in electrical appliances, toys, food, online sales products, clothing, automotive supplies and other industries. If you need to spray glue optional automatic hot melt carton box tray erector folding machine.

hennopack Aircraft box tray erector
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Automatic Carton Box Tray Erctor Folding Machine Parameters
Folding Speed15 pcs/min
Suitable for carton sizeL:231 W:175 H:50mm (customized option)
Power Supply220V 1ф 1.5KW
Air Supply6kg/cm³
Air Consumnption450NL/min
Machine SizeL1350×W1250×H1800mm
Machine Weight420kg

Case Tray Erector Features

*Plane storage board, and can be refilled at any time without downtime;
*Structural design: one-time completion of suction paperboard, forming, folding and other packaging processes;
*The tray folding box machine has stable performance, reliable quality, strong applicability, high packaging efficiency and long service life;
*The mechanical performance is precise and durable, the structure design is tight, the operation process has no vibration, and the operation is stable and reliable;
*Suitable for food, medicine,Drinks, clothing, daily chemical,High-volume production packaging for electronics and other industries, while accepting device design by carton box shape.

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