Under the virus, efficient packing technology to helps companies more competitive

U.S. stocks plunge, oil price wars, the number of people applying for unemployment benefits soar, and dairy farmers in various countries are forced to dump milk … In a special virus situation, the global economy seems to have pressed the “pause button”, which is still far from full recovery. Although most of the epidemic situation has been effectively controlled, enterprises have resumed production and resumed production, but all industries, especially manufacturing companies are facing pressure after the resumption of work. Under multiple pressures, there is a crisis. Similarly, the crisis also brings opportunities. To a great extent, the virus war provides inspiration and prospects for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing to unmanned and intelligent. Most manufacturing companies have realized that in the production process, they should abandon backward production capacity, get rid of the traditional labor manual constraints on production capacity and efficiency, greatly reduce their dependence on manpower, and ensure that their production and operation will not be easily affected by the virus which from the impact of accidents and personnel changes. At the same time, in system scheduling, it is necessary to ensure maximum flexibility and accuracy.

Henno packaging technology, with intelligent and efficient packaging technology as the core, is committed to “smart factory” solutions, carton application packaging automation, pallet stretch wrapper and strapping automation, robotic material handling system integration applications, various non-standard automation equipment, and packaging logistics Innovation and development.
Factory secondary packaging efficient integrated solution

A. Corrugated cardboard box/tray forming and sealing solution: The solution is mainly for the carton/tray automatic forming process or sealing after forming. Cartons are generally sealed with tape at the bottom, or hot melt adhesive, or nail seals are used as required; trays are generally self-locking or hot melt. most of the products currently used in the food, electronics, pharmaceuticals, grains, oils, fruits, and other industries, equipment, mainly including case erector machines, tray erecting machines, carton sealer, etc.
1. Seamlessly connect with the production line, and customize the speed according to the production efficiency, saving time, and effort more than 30%.
2. The carton tray forming machine can be used alone or combined with an automatic cartoning machine and a carton sealing machine to form a small automatic packaging line, which improves the efficiency by more than 50%;
3. The whole equipment can be customized according to customer size and bonding type;
4. According to hygienic requirements, we could choose 304ss frame manufacturing or carbon steel material manufacturing.
B. Polybag inserting and closing system: this solution is mainly to solve the liner bag inserting carton box and liner bag closing automatic without manual intervention, and even automatically bag seal according to the demand.
1. Seamlessly connected with unpacking machine, sealing machine, and filling machine to form a fully automated packaging line, saving time and energy by more than 30%.
2. Especially in the oil and fat and bulk confectionery industries, a complete packaging system achieves efficient packaging efficiency;
3. The whole set of equipment can be customized according to the customer’s bag size, carton size, production line speed;
4. According to hygiene requirements, we can choose 304 stainless steel frame manufacturing or carbon steel material manufacturing.

C. The case packer system, at present, the carton is still the main product packaging protection choice in various industries. How to make products enter the carton more easily and quickly has always been the direction of packaging technology research; now the Henno case packer system has involved robotic box packer, pouch bag spiders packer, box/bottled product packer, canned product packaging and other industry solutions have been widely used in food, mineral water, laundry detergent, and milk powder industries;
1. The process of products entering the carton has always been a pain point in major industries. The appearance of the carton packing system can improve the packaging efficiency of various industries by more than 50%.
2. The case packing system has always belonged to customized equipment, regardless of the shape of your product, the speed, and the packing method, the technical engineer can design and manufacture according to your current packaging method
3. The packing system is very suitable for the application of large-scale production lines, especially the daily chemical, edible oil, medicine, water industry, etc., in the case of requiring 10 people packing stations, at least 8 people could be replaced;
4. Combine with unpacking machine, sealing machine, and robot palletizing system to realize the whole line automation of secondary packaging.
5. According to industry requirements, it can be designed and manufactured using aluminum profiles, 304ss or carbon steel materials, which meets the hygienic requirements of various levels.

D.stretch wrapping and strapping system: this solution is mainly for packaging and protection of products loaded on pallets or products that have been stacked. The consumables used are stretch film and PET / PP strapping; the purpose of the solution is to reduce the risk of loss during product transportation or increase Storage safety. At present, related industries that basically use pallet loads will apply to this system application.
1. The system can establish applications independently without linking to the front-end production line, and can cover a wide range of product sizes;
2. On the one hand, this system solves the problem of efficiency, on the other hand, it solves the difficulty of labor intensity, and protects the health of employees;
3. Can be combined with the palletizing system or three-dimensional warehouse system to form a smarter packaging workshop;
4. This system can also be customized according to the product, according to the characteristics of the product, choose a packaging method, or multiple methods.
5. Very suitable for automation applications in harsh environmental industries, such as brick and tile, glass, steel, paper, and other industries.
E.palletizing system: due to the increase in labor costs, the increase in efficiency requirements, or the serious harm to human bodies in certain industries, the automation of automatic stacking products has become a trend. In this system, the solution used has multiple modes, such as robotic stacking, mechanical stacking, and gantry stacking. Could choose according to industry budget and speed. The application is mainly divided into bag-products and boxed-products palletizing.
1. Realize the integration and unmanned production from packaging to stacking, save the labor cost of enterprises, and greatly increase the production capacity.
2. Automated packaging also has the function of quality inspection, a fast online inspection of products, improve yield, and reduce costs.
3. It can be customized according to customer needs, with good compatibility and stable performance.
4. It can be combined with a filling machine, metal detection machine, weight detection machine, code printing, rejection device, grab conveyor, palletizing robot, pallet warehouse, and other parts, forming a cross key for product storage from raw materials to finished products. Engineering, widely used in grain, oil, feed, chemical, food, and other industries.

Complete secondary packing automatic production line workflow

Henno Packaging Technology has always been committed to providing enterprises with full-process secondary packaging solutions, helping enterprises to continuously improve their sustainable development capabilities and competitiveness, and to save more packaging consumables and labor costs. Whether it is from special process packaging or whole line planning, our team has always been committed to innovative technology to create packaging. In the future, we will no longer be affected by the virus to hinder production.

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