What are the styles of the storage structure of the case erecting machine?

Case erecting machine is a collective name for automated carton box packaging equipment. Its main function is to automatically shape cardboard into cardboard boxes through specific mechanisms.At the same time, the bottom of the carton is glued. According to different functions, it can be divided into the following 2 categories:

A:Vertical box erecting machine–

box erecting machineThis carton erector uses a vertical device to place the cardboard, and then moves the suction basin to the cardboard through the cylinder for side suction;the cardboard is formed into a carton; at this time, the bottom cover of the carton is folded into each other by a moving mechanism, and then the carton is completed.Finally push the box forward through the push box mechanism to enter the conveying area, and the conveyor adopts the belt side conveying;In the process of outputting the carton, the bottom of the carton is attached to the tape mechanism at the bottom of the device to simultaneously seal the adhesive tape, that is the vertical box erector complete carton forming process.

B:Horizontal box erecting machine–

This carton erector is a horizontal stock design, the cardboard is placed on the end of the device; the cardboard is taken out by suction cup and forwarded to the station to be formed by moving the mechanism back and forth;At this time, the suction basin drives the cardboard from the top down through the movable mechanism, and returns to the original position, forming a carton;during this process, the front and rear cover of the box will be folded by the cylinder mechanism.After the above actions are completed, the front and rear circulation pushing mechanism is used to move the box forward, and the adhesive tape is used to stick on the carton box bottom.

Generally speaking, enterprises that require relatively low efficiency in carton forming speed generally choose vertical carton opening machines with an efficiency of less than 15 boxes per minute. For enterprises that require carton forming speeds of more than 15 boxes, they generally choose horizontal box openers.Horizontal box erecting machine image But the process of purchasing carton box opener machines can’t judge the choice based solely on speed requirements, but also refer to other factors. Do you want to know what it is? Please continue to pay attention to us and we will announce answer next time.

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