What Are the Uses of a Pallet dispenser?

Economic development has led to the cross-border transportation and circulation of materials in the world. After packaging in cartons or plastic bags, and then adopt empty pallets are used for stacking in order to make logistics and transportation more efficient or safe. The equipment uses for those empty pallet auto load and dispenser pallets are called a pallet dispenser.
pallet dispenser two type designSo what are the uses of a pallet dispenser? Let us follow reason to know it:

First of all, let’s first understand the structure of the pallet dispenser. At present, Hennopack technology is divided according to the pallet dispensing machine action flow. There are mainly utilize two types of design: fork-style and lift-style.
The lift-style, it means the pallet bottom will have one plate table structure which could up and down to lift all pallets, this lift power will adopt the hydraulic or the cylinder design according to the number of stack empty pallet. lift-type pallet dispenser machine bottom will lift all stack pallets to the programmed height,  then left and right sides short arms will extend to catch the second-from-the-bottom pallet. The bottom pallet will follow the lifter down onto the chain conveyor or roller conveyor. Once this empty pallet output to the next conveyor, the bottom lifter will start the next cycle working when the plc sends the pallet dispensing signal.
lift type pallet dispenserThe fork-style structure,it means the machine will have weight-bearing arms like the robot arm on the left and right sides, and then will have forklift tines fixed on the arms. the fork-style pallet dispenser’s weight-bearing arms will down all empty pallets onto the conveyor, and then the forklift tines will move into the second pallet from the bottom, next step the tines will extend into the pallet way to make all stack pallets rise up, the lower pallet will far away then the second pallet form bottom, and transfer the output to next conveyor. Once that pallet has cleared, the process is repeated.
forklift tine pallet dispenserThe above two design type of pallet dispensers used for the below applications:
A.lift type pallet dispenser usually integrated with the bottom conveyor, and then combine with the palletizer system or stretch wrapping solution as the fully automatic secondary packing production line. This dispensing machine will feed empty pallets at regular intervals into the palletizing position. It could feed to tend to different parts of the same line or even a different line altogether to meet product stack onto the pallet automatically. you could refer to the below picture about the pallet dispenser application for different industry palletizing.
B.fork-type pallet dispenser also could like lift type pallet dispensing machine using, but usually, it is for multiple size pallet application. Because in international trade, different country will have different pallet application standards, so that in some automatic palletizing packing line design, customers hope their investment cost and space application could pay less to achieve different order use together.
Also this type of pallet dispenser used for the warehouse industry, after all, the warehouse deal with all kinds of products. Such as in, Australia, their warehouse business is the big market in the world, and their chep pallet also adopts this fork-type pallet dispenser to deal.
In addition, this has one important piece of knowledge to share. In order to get the pallet dispenser order, some manufacturers also will adopt cylinders to driven the tines, but this not safe, because once the insufficient air pressure, all stack pallets (the weighted total will arrive 500kg or more)will drop fast to damage the operator. Especially in warehouse pallet dispenser use, we suggest purchasing this machine based on the technical, not is the price.
pallet stacker for palletizer system

The pallet dispenser also could have other new functions —-Recycling and then stack pallet, Its process and dispensing are just the opposite. Mainly used for the warehouse replace origin pallet, or depalletizer packing line will have the empty pallet after the product to another line, such as glass bottle filling and case packer line, Plastic pellets bag depalletizing by the robot line. In order to the production effective and the operator health, will adopt this pallet recycling system.
Another important application is the pallet dispenser combine with pallet recycler as one empty pallet auto washing system. After the pallet is used, some food industries will leave stains on the pallet, which is not allowed for industries with high hygiene requirements. Their pallets are usually made of plastic, and they use a pallet cleaning system to automatically separate the pallets, clean the pallets, and then recycle the pallet stack. The pallet will be as new after the above work, and it can also make the pallet have a longer life.
hennopack all kinds of pallet dispenser

Before we use the pallet dispenser stable and smoothly, we need to think of another important factor— is consistent pallet condition. Equipment is different from humans. Humans can adapt flexibly, while equipment can only be fixed and repetitive. The shape and structure of the pallet must be regular.No matter plastic pallet or wooden pallet, their pallet surface also will happen broken boards, exposed nails, and screws can after one certain time application. We necessitate manual intervention and correct it before bringing it to the pallet dispenser, otherwise get jammed in the equipment. We request this inspection mainly for safety reasons, if boards in a pallet are missing, it could lead to an unstable stack of pallets, also will easy to cause the stacking pallets to collapse, although our equipment will add closed doors, we still need to pay attention to their potential risks.

Overall, Efficient Pallet Handling deals with easy after Introducing a Pallet Dispenser or Pallet Stacker to Your Warehouse, cleaning Operation, or auto palletizer packing line. It will not only Improve the Overall Pallet Movement Processes but also Greatly Improve Employee Safety due to Reductions in Manual Pallet Handling.

Hennopack technology solutions is a leading manufacturer that proudly provides complete the end of line automatic packing solution, such as case or tray erector, case packer, robot palletizer, pallet stretch wrapper, and pallet handling system to improve overall productivity, safety, and speed. Have questions? Contact our technical team to discuss your automated solution requirement.


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