What is the power of the case erector?

           Many friends do not know what the power is after purchasing a carton unpacking machine, and it is difficult to prepare suitable electrical facilities in advance;Hennopack integrated many years of experience in the design and manufacture of cartoners, and sorted out the carton erecting machine power that are frequently used in the market so that everyone can understand the reference:
1.Semi-automatic case unpacking machine power:
This machine belongs to the semi-automatic model. It requires artificial cooperation in the process of cartons suction and molding. The efficiency is relatively low.Therefore, It can be used with 220V voltage, and the power is generally 400W.
2.Vertical automatic box erector machine power:
This machine is an automatic model. It needs manual assistance to supplement the stored materials, and other process procedures can be completed without manual intervention.This model can achieve 10 cases per minute, or 18 cases per minute.10 boxes of speed per minute case erector machine power is 400w; and 18 boxes of per minute box opener power is 800w;At the same time, the corresponding outlet plugs and voltages can be customized according to customer requirements.
hennopack case erector

3.Horizontal structure carton erector power–This model is different from the sealing material and can be divided into the following three different
case unpacking former with different power.

A:First of all, the power of the case erecting machine with sealed with tape.

This machine design structure is very different from the previous two models. The transmission design uses the cam drive system and the connecting rod to control the entire machine movement.Then use pneumatic components to realize the carton forming back cover;The whole unpacking machine uses only one motor and the power is 750W, and the voltage is 380V with three-phase five-wire system. At the same time, the corresponding outlet plug and voltage can be customized according to customer requirements.
case erector with tape bottom sealing image

B:Hot melt sealing bottom case erecting machine power.
This case machine model is mainly aimed at some food, stationery, hardware and other export industries. It is sealed with a hot melt adhesive.At this time, the maximum power consumption of the whole model is a hot-melt adhesive machine, the power is 5kw, the overall power is 6kw, the voltage also needs to use 380V, five-wire system.
case erector with hot melt bottom sealingC:Nail sealing bottom box opening machine power.
This type of machine is currently used less frequently on the market, but in some soy sauce industry export cartons need to adopt this approach in order to make the carton to reach sufficient hardness;This model of the nailing machine power in 1500w, coupled with the power of the 750w open box machine model itself, together a total of 2250w, equipment adopt voltage 380V, three-phase five-wire system.
case-erector-with-nail-bottom-stapling machine

The above is the 2018 latest case erector power schedule compiled by hennopack for you.Hope it helpful and understandable during your use of the carton unpacker.If you have more problems with the carton forming machine and want to know more detailed information, please send an email to:service@hennopack.com

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