What is the semi-auto stretch wrapper with top plate

Automatic stretch wrapper with top plate machine is an automatic film-wrapping machine, which is equipped with an additional pressing mechanism. It is mainly used for lighter or palletizing unstable pallet wrapping, which can prevent the packing This equipment is particularly suitable for empty cans, printing, food, electronics, electrical appliances, such as cotton spinning industry; the use of thin film,

The following describes the pressure top-type film wrapped around the top of the machine part of the name:

  1. Pressure top drive mechanism

There are two main modes:

A: The first is the pneumatic pressure top, using the cylinder + linear guide drive, the pressure of the top of the trip has a cylinder stroke decision, the size of pressure control of the gas source, the cost is low;

B: The second is the electric pressure top, the use of motor + chain drive, the main limit switch is limited + photoelectric sensor sensor control, the size of the pressure control by the spring strength, high cost

  1. Pressure top contact surface, also known as pressure plate:

Composition of the basin is mainly composed of foam + anti-corrosion foam board composition, so that the top of the goods can be protected from damage;

  1. Pneumatic type pressure top film machine video, please click:
  2. Electric pressure top-type film wrapped machine video please click:

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