Which process equipment is generally involved in the unmanned packaging line of bottle edible oil?

Bottle Edible oil is a kind of daily necessities in our daily life, and the daily production is bound to be very large. Therefore, the general edible oil production line has been designed to be automated. All stations are controlled by advanced intelligent systems.

The corresponding hardware devices are:

The front-end production line equipment includes bottle washing machines, bottle blowing machines, and filling machines, as well as capping machines, labeling machines, and foreign object detection machines. The back-end packaging line covers the carton unpacking machine  and the automatic top load case packer machine, carton tape sealer and carton palletizer system and so on.

Hennopack has already done a lot of cases on the edible oil production line.

Here we share with you a process flow equipment covered by a 5L plastic bottled edible oil packaging line:

1.Carton Unpacking and Molding Machine – The efficiency of unpacking 30 boxes per minute, using tape back cover;
2. Oil bottle separator – used as a multi-way arrangement of edible oil bottles;
3. Carton box blocking mechanism – used as a barrier to temporary storage of the molded carton, to avoid interfering with the case folding sealer  machine work;
4. Automatic case packer – used to load bottle oil from the conveyor line into the carton;bottle oil case packer
5. Differential belt conveyor – used to pull open connected cartons to avoid errors in the sealer;
6. Folding carton sealer – automatically folds the top of the carton and simultaneously seals the top carton;
7. Self-adhesive label printers – automatically label the outside of the carton;
8. Inkjet printer – automatically marking the production date of the carton surface;
9. Automatic palletizing system – using robot palletizing, automatic pallet separation, pallet positioning, automatic robot sensing palletizing and transport, etc.;
10. The whole line control system – the linkage of all process equipment without obstacles, control and detection, to ensure the accuracy of the interaction between the production line equipment.

The above is a basic summary of Hennopack process flow equipment for the design of 5L bottled edible oil packaging line. In the listed equipment details, different customer needs will have different technological processes.

For video appreciation of this case, please click:

More technical discussions on oil packaging lines can be emailed to service@hennopack.com.

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