World premiere-Electronic Mall Customer Plastic Bag Packing Machine

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        At present, the world’s express delivery business continues to grow year by year, especially in the Chinese market. In 2017, the business volume reached 40.06 billion pieces, which was 33.4 times that in 2007, and the growth rate was up to 42% in ten years.

In 2018, the express delivery volume is expected to exceed 50 billion! And 90% of the package delivery is still rely on artificial!

1.Labor costs skyrocket, daily shipments of 10,000 units require at least 10 people, and wages reach up to tens of thousands of dollars per month;

2.Consumables such as tapes, bags, and printer paper cause loss due to improper manual operation;

3.There is a shortage of labor when orders are large; too many labors when the number of orders is too small;

4。Manually caused shipping errors, such as missing shipments, overweight items;

Realizing express package automation is the urgent demand of e-commerce industry!!!

This product can realize integrated solutions such as barcode scanning, goods weighing, plastic bags, automatic sealing of plastic bags, automatic label printing, automatic labeling, and automatic transport of goods, and can be used to dock enterprise ERP or WMS system.

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